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  1. Thanks for the comments folks. Quick question, I have never got round to taking flats, would they help with the gradients or are they just for removing dust bunnies etc?
  2. Thats much better than my first few attempts. If you want to practice some processing you can download startools on a free trial, all the features are there you just cant save the final image. If you decide to buy it its a lot cheaper than photoshop too, I think i paid about £40.
  3. Sooooooo good! I think I will keep coming back to this one again and again ( just like the orion image). great stuff.
  4. I managed to catch some clear skies on sunday night and finally get to test out my new star adventurer (other than a quick 30 mins on new years eve). Really love how quick it is to set up and get working, I cant wait to get it to a real dark site now! 40x50 sec subs + 7x15 sec for the core on m42 with a 55-300 lens at 300mm. M31 was a test with a nikon 50mm 1.8 e series stopped down to f4, only 21x40 sec subs.
  5. Phil-lost!


    Hi and welcome.
  6. Phil-lost!


    Hi and welcome.
  7. Phil-lost!


    Hi and welcome.
  8. Hi and welcome, great pics.
  9. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/bahtinov-focus-masks/starsharp-bahtinov-focus-masks.html One of these will make focusing easy peasy.
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