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  1. Oh and a very impressive build you have there!!
  2. Cuprinol Ducksback is the stuff I used. It comes in a variety of colours and has kept my build watertight. Although it didn't stop the wasps building a football sized nest in the eaves above my warm room!
  3. Once the kids have grown up I'll be removing the trampoline that is next to mine, I can then make a track so my ROR can slide to the North and South giving me unobstructed views....Apart from the 60 foot willow tree which blocks out the NW that is. Nothing a chainsaw wont sort out
  4. And when you say to yourself...'I wish I would have done that bit differently...' Looking like a nice build Chris...
  5. I've just purchased one from ebay for £20 - Skywatcher branded. Even as a guide scope would it not to have something in place to achieve focus? Because without anything in mine (modded barlow) I can not get it to focus without that extra length.
  6. I purchased the ST80 2nd hand off ebay (i think) and i did not get a diagonal. I take it I'll need a standard 1.25 diagonal?....Time to go shopping!
  7. He was, that's where I found him... I dealt with him outside of eBay, it doesn't look like he advertises on it any longer. Don't think he needs the extra business which comes with eBay ie all the time wasters and people asking to build observatories :-)
  8. I've dug through all my receipts and managed to find it. The company name is : AT SHEDS AND FENCING LTD TEL: 01384918361 They were based in the Midlands somewhere, Dudley I think. www.bizdirectory.co.uk/atshedsandfence.html My 14x8 pent was £1k delivered I would highly recommend them. Good luck
  9. No just the modded barlow and the lens / webcam...I'll post a pics of the st80 maybe you'll be able to identify what's missing.
  10. DO you get any rain in Spain? Thought it mainly fell on the plain...
  11. Thanks...I have the standard 10mm & 25mm which came with my 200p but I also have a 5mm, 9mm, 18mm and a 25mm x-cell lx...as well as my 1100d dslr and spc900 webcam. When I got the ST80 I had to adapt a cheap 2x barlow (removed the lenses) before I could focus on anything.
  12. I have the standard 10mm & 25mm which came with my 200p but I also have a 5mm, 9mm, 18mm and a 25mm x-cell lx...as well as my 1100d dslr and spc900 webcam.
  13. Could some explain to me how to work out what I need to view the moon in full with my ST80. I know you can use a webcam or dslr to take lots of images and do a mosaic (one for the future)...my kids would like to see the whole moon rather than a section of it and the ST80 is just a wee bit powerful...
  14. It's ok I did not take any offence The beauty of this site with its large community is that you can look at all the great builds and decides what works best for you and your location and take the best bits from other builds and implement them in your own. One thing I wish I had done differently was the direction my roof rolls off...my one rolls off to the south which blocks anything low on the horizon, so I have to wait a few hours for it to move around into view. I can push the roof right back and get a better view but the hanging rubber seals to stop water ingress gets pinched when bringin
  15. I'm pretty sure there's a post on where I got the materials etc... Strange, must have mentioned it in another post somewhere... Anyway when you say 'build' you mean cut and nail the wood together? Well no I did not do that part. The design was mine, the base was built by me as was the pier. The shed came in 11 parts along with all the trims, felt iron mongering... So still a lot of building was to be done, oh and then there was the roll on roof, that was designed and put together be me also. :-) I could go on about the insulation and internal work, wiring etc which was all done, by m
  16. HI Chris, What budget have you got in mind for all the materials i.e completed structure minus the internal fittings etc? The only reason I ask is, I designed my shed and passed the plans to a chap on ebay who made sheds. The wood was tanalised 4x2 with 19mm tongue and groove, shed size 14ft x 8ft penthouse style, with an internal partition and the roof felt was included, it is solid. So the complete shed with all the trimmings plus delivery was £1k...I couldn't have bought the wood for that price. They even offered to erect it...although I declined this as I was still building the pier. T
  17. Where's your telescope mounted? on a passing satellite??? I am well impressed! I captured Saturn on my 200P for the first time last week and was blown away.....This takes it to another level ! Nice work Craig
  18. I'm glad it is working Stephane, I can't understand why I could not get the exposure to work on two different PC's. I guess there must be something a miss with my setup.
  19. Great work Neil...Look forward to seeing some images from it.
  20. Good luck with the new build, I look forward to seeing it. I can wait a few months, out of interest how much would the parts and labour be? You can PM me if you wish to discuss that sort of thing.... Rgds Craig
  21. I returned the webcam and it was confirmed that there was an issue, a voltage issue i believe. It was fixed and returned but I still had exposure issues, so was returned again for a refund. I have just purchased a replacement unmodded spc900 and will make do with this for now. I was wondering, do you do a modding service? My soldering skills are not too good ;-)
  22. using sharpcap, it does change when you flip switch, it's the exposure which fails to work when in lx mode...divers, setting etc are all good...think it maybe connection on circuit board etc.....
  23. I there, can someone help me with this issue i'm having with my webcam... I have a post already and can be found here > Thanks in advance
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