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  1. Welcome to SGL from sunny Worthing. Not that far from you. We have our own astronomy club here - Worthing Astronomers. We have a page on Facebook.
  2. Skywatcher 127mm Maksutov Cassegrain. F11.8, 6x30 Finderscope, Synscan Alt/Az GoTo Mount and tripod. Nikon camera T Adaptor, Compass, 1.25" Camera Adapter, 1.25" Light Pollution Filter, 1.25" Moon Filter, Skywatcher 2x Barlow Lens, Celestron 2x Barlow Lens, Vixen NPL 10mm EP, Skywatcher 25mm Plossl, Skywatcher 10mm Plossl. Full working order, hardly been used, AA plug in power pack, mains adapter. Can be seen working. Spotless and well maintained. Sadly I don't get to use it but money will be funding a Skywatcher Star Adventurer as I'd get more use from it. Ideal setup for a beginner. Scope is a gem on everything I've seen with it. £275.00 Worthing, West Sussex Can be posted at cost.
  3. lol probably. Still not looked at it.
  4. Thanks for all the info. I need to check my handset as had problems this weekend with it. It was off by miles! Damn you synscan!
  5. I k ow it sounds daft but when you buy a GPS module for your mount does it do all the alignment for you providing your mount is polar aligned? Or are there mounts available with it built in? Would it help with AP? cheers.
  6. Excellent scope! Buy a copy of Turn Left At Orion. Fantastic book and will teach you the night sky and to 'star hop' from one constellation to another around the night sky. The book is readily available. I got mine from a local Waterstones but I've also seen it in WHSmith.
  7. I use a Canon EOS760D with a Samyang 14mm f2.8 lens. I put it on a heavy duty tripod and use an intervalometer. My next purchase is a Skywatcher Star Adventurer and a 66ED refractor. As I don't have loads of money for the hobby this will be my limit for many years but I'll still be able to get some good shots. Im really impressed with the Samyang lens.
  8. I have astigmatism quite bad in both eyes. I've always taken my glasses off for photography and astronomy. My DSLR has a 'LiveView' function and I use that when I focus for AP. I've never had a problem so far as I focus normally with the viewfinder then switch to liveview and zoom in I. The screen and make any adjustments as necessary.
  9. I take mine off for observation and photography
  10. Thanks guys. Somny, Tring Astro isn't too far from me so I may well take a trip down there when I have all the money in place.
  11. Thanks for the advice Sonny. It seems like a minefield to me with regard to mounts etc. Was also looking at the Star Adventurer and a 66ED refractor for portability as my backyard views are hampered by buildings, trees and severe sodium light pollution. My nearest darkish sky site is 20 minutes drive away I will get on YouTube as you recommend. Thanks for the advice.
  12. If you want to use your iPhone for AP get a mount for it and use Nightcap Pro from the App Store.
  13. I use my Canon EOS760D for AP. Never let me down once.
  14. I'm looking to save for a new scope and want it to replace my trusty Skywatcher 127mak. Im looking at either the Celestron AVX 6N Newtonian or going for the Skywatcher 150pds on an EQ5. Wondering what the difference is in the scopes themselves. I want it for both visual and prime focus AP. Anyone have any experience with the AVX? I know a lot of people have the Skywatcher but from reading up the AVX mount is tuned for AP. Thanks in advance.