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  1. Jon Sales


    Welcome to the forum. Do a lot of AP so if I can help I will gladly do so. Do.you already have equipment or do.you need advice on buying and setting up?
  2. 365 Astronomy do a heavy duty tripod for your mount. Think it's about £120.
  3. Under a year old, still over 1 year warranty left fro. Darkframe Optics.
  4. I can't afford one new and I've been searching the ads. Astro Buy/Sell has an AVX but on there I find they don't return your emails.
  5. I use a focussing mask on a star beforehand. Works every time.
  6. Skywatcher Star Adventurer photo bundle including L bracket and counterweight, polar illuminator and camera control cable. Extras include 4 x rechargeable AA batteries. Astrotrac Heavy Duty Tripod. Red Dot Finder for DSLR hotshoe. Smart phone holder for DSLR hotshoe. Star Adventurer has had the Supercharge 2.5 tune by Darkframe Optics and is capable of 10 min unguided photos with a wide angle lens. I've managed 5 mins at 270mm. Fantastic lightweight mount on a very stable and solid mount. Usual dovetail marks only. Perfect working order. £350.00 Delivery at cost.
  7. Mines up for sale and has been tuned by Darkframe Ltd. Everything you need to get started minus camera and ballhead. Will be posting in the For Sale section later.
  8. Hi All, I'm selling my Star Adventurer setup to purchase one of the above mounts. Can anyone shed any light on either of these 2 mounts please? I'll only be using the mount for AP for the next few years with an Altair Astro Starwave 70ED and Canon EOS760D with a 1 x Field Flattener. Cheers all.
  9. Been looking at this mount or the EQ5 Pro. Whats the verdict on this mount?
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