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  1. Excellent work. The improvement sound well worth the time and effort
  2. Fascinating to see this build John. I contemplated it for a while before I saw the opportunity to buy a 3M dome and went that route
  3. Hi Dave your obviously not counting your own time and effort and if you list out everything used at full market cost which most people have to pay I still think it's can't be done for £1800
  4. Lol that's why I bought a ready made one don't get me wrong I've seem some really good ROR ones but my point was they attract as much attention as a dome
  5. Getting back to the thread the dome looks a great price compared to full height solutions from pulsar and others and with options to automate to get over issues described here including meridian flips it would be a better option and cheaper than most. Ok there is always someone who built there own for a few hindered but if you try and spec a shed properely constructed to withstand the British weather buying the materials all at consumer prices you'd find it hard to come under £1800 IMHO
  6. Personally I like a dome. I've not automated mine yet but I've found the freedom it gives me the speed of access , setup and the extended use have made a huge difference to maximising my enjoyment. Sure you can get these benefits from a ROR but I've seen many of those that look Heath Robinson designed them. Hardly aesthetically pleasing and just as big a target to the light fingered fraternity. Any shed especially any that looks cared for or has had time and energy put into it will attract people desirous to access the contents
  7. Yep I raised that with Dion. But he thinks the thread is like the worm wheel on the mount and does not move unless turned. I think it could still do with a lock nut to nip up on the adjuster
  8. The normal handset can be used on either mount with the correct cable to I'm assuming the EQtooth will as well so long as I can find an adapter to connect to the other mount
  9. They come in two flavours Eq6 and Eq5 in terms of the connector. What I'm looking for is a female D connect to the RJ45 so I can connect the EQ6 9-way Dtype connector on the EQtooth cable to the RJ45 connector on the HEQ5 that way I can use the EQtooth on both mounts
  10. I'm aware you can buy these for either the eq6 or eq5 but as I've got one for my NEQ6 I'm hoping I can get an adapter that would allow me to use it with my HEQ5 as well. Does anyone know if one exists and can point me too it. Much appreciated
  11. Hi John good luck with your plans. I changed tak slightly and bought a 3M Dome on astrobuysell. I've not built it yet as the windy has still not abated around these parts and I'm thinking the ground is too wet and cold for the concrete to set. Hopefully all will settle this month and a start will be made
  12. I had a Quattro 10" steel on my NEQ6 and it handled very well. I've since replaced it with a TS10" carbon newt it would have been the quattro 10CF but they changed the focuser and that put me off. The TS came with Baader steeltrack as standard and I love it. Collimating of these newts is very easy once you get the hang of it and it holds collimation quite well. I've heard tales of woe about RC collimating mainly due to poor design of the mirror cells which gets worse on the bigger ones
  13. I swapped my QHY8L from my Newtonian to my ED80 to image M31 a few hours worth of worthless data later I realised I'd left the coma corrector on the camera. I had images that looked like soup bowls when checked in ccdinspector
  14. Seems that ghost hunting is popular doesn't it. Judging by the number of hits I get when googling
  15. Thanks that may well be the route I take. But I'm hoping to find something which would have dual use as a normal digital video camcorder
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