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  1. I’ve owned an 8 Edge HD. I did have various issues with mine, but it’s a capable scope when it’s right. Absolutely rubbish weather in my part of the UK since I got my new rig last week, and the forecast is not good any time soon. I will post up my findings on everything when I get chance to test properly on some decent skies
  2. Yes Jeremy looking forward to giving the mu210 its first starlight! FLO had it checked out for me by Es Reid so I collected it from him on Friday rather than have it couriered. He gave it a very slight tweak to get collimation spot on... he thinks it’s a good one I’ve made no attempt at all to balance the set up as shown, but I loosened the azimuth clutch and just gave the pan handle a slight nudge, and it did a full 360 slow turn...smooth as silk!
  3. Here’s the beast..... I’m just bowled over by the quality and sheer beauty.
  4. I had tried to unscrew it but no way. Just fiddled with it for another 20 mins, about to give up, got a flashlight on it and realised there is a small, difficult to see rubber ring in a recess under the bolt thread that is stopping it meeting the plate thread....completely unnecessary! Anyway, removed it and could then unscrew through the plate Will mount up the Mewlon later.... Thanks John
  5. Hi John Hi John I tried but problem is I can’t remove the captive bolt from the plate. I tried but I fear I may damage it if I use more force. I may have to look for some sort of collar with a gap in it to allow me to slip it over the bolt to fill the space (underneath the plate).
  6. Hi guys Received the AZ100, Planet tripod and M210 yesterday. All looks absolutely awesome quality. A small problem - see photos - the captive bolt on the tripod seems to be about 10mm too long, so I cannot tighten the mount ont the base? The top plate looks correct and is labelled Rowan AZ100
  7. John, no doubts about that. I feel really privileged to be able to buy a set up like this. I’m not exactly wealthy and it means sacrificing other things. I justify it like this...my car has done 130k miles and 10 yrs old, but it’s still fine. For the money I’ve just spent I could have bought say a 3 year old Vauxhall Astra which would immediately be on a steep depreciation curve. When I thought about that it was no contest really for a lifetime setup
  8. I’ve joined the ranks.... sold all my other gear and my order has gone in with FLO today: Berlebach Planet AZ100 full accessories + Nexus DSC TSA 120 Mewlon 210 Many thanks to the excellent Mr Ian King @FLO for his help and advice, and also Dave @Rowan Close to wetting myself with excitement... can’t wait John
  9. Having so far viewed through an 8” sct, what can I expect from a good quality 5” apo? can you give descriptions/ comparisons with 8” sct for the various types of target I.e. globular and open clusters, double stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets and moon? wider field of views and sharper stars appeal to me which I know I would get, but what are all the pros and cons? thanks
  10. I did a lot of reading on here about this mount and was very interested, so rang Rowan with a few questions. I spoke to Dave and had a long chat, and he invited me to visit them to see the mount for myself. I went over there a few days later. Beautiful mount, superbly engineered and silky smooth, I was very impressed. The AZ100 is available through FLO now, with fitted encoders and Nexus DSC, which I had a demo of, and looks so easy to use. Motor drive if required is under development and will be a simple add on, as the mount is already prepared ready to accept it. I just need to decide which frac I’m going to buy to put on it with my SCT, then will be putting my order in very soon. I really believe in the people at Rowan... they put quality and customer service first.... and it’s great British engineering too!
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