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  1. well if were being honest and although im the member online it's the wife's hobby,i bought the scope for xmas for her and she is clueless on the computer so i do all the research and mod's reqd,also all the carrying of equipment in and out but hey im getting to like it,and my wallet doesn't hurt anymore when i sit down
  2. sw 200 scope considering splashing out on a quality eyepiece and due to the cost i would like to nail it first time,so im thinking televue nagler or ethos, (whats the differance ?? ) i seem to have more interest in the planet’s and the wife it’s nebulae, so my question givan the above info which size eyepiece would be a good starter eyepiece and would opinion lead me to the nagler or ethos finaly 2“ or 1.25“......oop's answered this bit!! apparently the 2" nose is supplied only for convieniance,
  3. ok! folk's iv'e fitted it alongside the finder scope,thank's for your suggestion's,
  4. cheer's catweazel, i had been thinking of siting it to look thru the gap beetween finder and focuser,trying to keep thing's simple for wife to use, and had thought about placing it dead opposite focuser on othier side also!!
  5. i have the telrad in my hand and a bunch of tye wrap''s,but what have you guy's spotted in regard to none obvious pitfall's of it's placement on the tube, is there such a thing as a sweet spot to place it?? what was your expeience please??
  6. anyone know if there is a bracket available for the remote unit, iv'e searched internet but nothing so far!!
  7. bin there done that with this eypiece,it's very frustrating but good news is it's you not the eyepiece,you have to overcome the idea of if i get closer i will see more!! there should be an eyebrow rest ( for want of a better name!! ) on top that twist's out a few mm that should help till you get used to it, also if you require glasses then wear them i found that helped also, all of a sudden one night you will realise you dont notice it anymore
  8. hi ritchie, i would deffo reccomend the 200p,and i am a fan of the dobby mount,i have however purchased an eq5 mount also,and at present trying to work out a way of being able to use it on both mounts easily without having to remove tube ring's or dobby mount point's to achive this,but heyhoo we'll get there
  9. so if my deductions are right i should be looking for a telrad with 4" riser for comfort before i buy does anyone think there is a better item available by othier makers ???
  10. thought that might be the case,im planning to purchase a telrad or simalar, and was going to sight it in place of the 90x50 but will have to rethink the siting position maybe with a riser in place!
  11. cant understand why having fitted a telrad or red dot finder people appear to keep the finderscope mounted is it just preferance or nessasary for deeper sky object's
  12. cheer's catweazel, all input appreciated,im going for the orion one's by the look of things,not because i think they are better but because i can rely on the seller having them in stock and sending instantly!!! it's a long story but basicly everything iv'e required over the last 2 mths has been a right pain,and ive found a reliable seller in germany,with better price's and good stock,and quick delivery, it's like astronomy heaven :D
  13. thank's for the info guys,and the link's....i hadn't found those two item's so far so clearly need to research further
  14. cheers Kedvenc,the ones ive seen were orion but presumably are the same fitting's,may i ask how you power yours,as ive read that the power by batteries supplied is pant's?? would it be best to budget for a decent power pack??
  15. considering motor drive's for my eq5 mount, to achieve easy adjustment/access for the wife,can anyone recommend a good quality version??
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