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  1. Sounds mind boggling James, keep it up Unfortunately my Pi has now been 'borrowed' by my brother who's moved out, hopefully he will cough up to buy his own and then I can have mine back
  2. I managed to get it working over the weekend In the end I remembered I actually had a sd card with raspbian on from when I first got my pi so just ended up trying it straight on that, I just need to work out what I can do about storage etc if I plan to go ahead with a skycam
  3. Apologies for the delay James, I have been ill, i'm going to to give that a go tonight, if that doesn't work i'll get Raspbian installed
  4. Ok don't spend too long, i'm heading to get some sleep now but I'll check your replies tomorrow Many thanks for the help, in the mean team i've downloaded raspbian in case this doesn't work out.
  5. All of them are all installed and latest version apparently, I think the easiest solution might be for me to follow the steps and actually use Raspbian?
  6. Oh god, i'm such an idiot I'm so sorry for wasting your time downloading it.
  7. I believe its sudo yum install on Raspbian, it doesn't seem to recognise any of those other than fxload which it says is already installed, don't rush on it, take your time
  8. libv4l2.so.0 is showing not found and so is libudev.so.0
  9. Ah my bad sorry I thought the WYSIWYG might have wrongly formatted it. The binaries now appear to install as it says install complete but neither of the executables appear to actually do anything. Sorry for being such a pain.
  10. Yeah that makes some sort of shortcut it seems called uname -p which I imagine is wrong? Any ideas which version you have on yours which worked? Maybe I can find it in their archive.
  11. Hi James sorry for the delay I've been busy with other things over the weekend, both output armv6l I'm running on the latest version of Raspbian
  12. Hi James, I'm currently on my RPi, when i try install binaries it says arm6l isn't supported and when i open the arm executable it does nothing, any guidance would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  13. Awesome stuff James, I'll see if I'm able to get this running on my RPi, you'll soon know whether I come back to this thread sobbing for help or joyful that I got it working
  14. oooo that's looking good James and nice one on the fps, before I was joking about the 5fps as you managed to get more fps than the max hehe. It's nice to know it could potentially be useful for actually capturing, as 20 odd fps aint bad at all, with a 32gb sd card you could get a decent planetary run, combine it with the low power the rPi draws, a small low power screen and your sorted for an awesome portable rig that can fully run of a battery
  15. Oh awesome nice one James , fps max of 2, actual 5 that's impressive 1fps would be fine for my project hehe. Look forward to the download
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