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  1. Thanks for that Andrew that sketch has made me more confident that's what I saw. Will definitely be looking for some dark skies thanks john
  2. Thanks for your reply, I have a 200p dob. Am desperate to get to some darker sites now I'm starting to learn my way around
  3. Hello and welcome to the forum
  4. Hahaha James. Welcome to the forum Eco
  5. Tom_m7117


    Welcome to the forum
  6. Jamie, I can higher recommend the skywatcher 200p dobsonian. I bought one as my first scope 3 weeks ago and have so far seen loads of dso's and learnt some of the major constellations in the process. Can't recommend it highly enough easy to use and very fast to set up just put down and away you go. Welcome to the forum also. Enjoy
  7. I decided tonight to set my sights on m81/82 I believe I found them after a bit of a struggle and a lot of panning around in Ethernet general area. To be honest I could see much detail but could kinda make out the one on the right to be tube like looking and one on the left looked similar to andromeda to me. LP quite bad where I am so is the best I can realistically expect? Thanks
  8. Great site andromeda even if it is just a fuzzy blob. Excellent stuff
  9. Really wanna get m81 and 82 but struggling to find. Will keep at it
  10. I have ordered turn left at Orion and waiting for delivery. I will try about 10.30 then. What else is visible now as I'm out side searching. What about m81/m82
  11. Hi all, ok the sky seems to be clear where I am tonight and m51 is my target. Can anyone give me any tips on spotting it. Best time to see it and star hoping tips etc. much appreciated.
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