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  1. Trust me, the 10 min subs are really tough to get, a massive overhaul on the mount, direct drive motors, guiding, sand bags, spot on PA, small camera lens etc... But 90% of the time im at 500 seconds which with the EQ3 im still over the moon with. Im not annoyed with the mount yet, far from it, im always surprised at the results
  2. Blimey, thats 1 1/2 EQ6s !! Are you looking for portability?
  3. I would say see you in September, but seeing as you have signed off I will instead say hi, how was your summer break? Did you think of us at all?
  4. Haha, brings back memories... We worked on something similar, my old mate has been an MOT tester for 20 odd years, he (so far) pumped his pit jack to a distance of about 90000 feet, it would take him about 290,000 years to jack a car to the moon. Maybe quicker if he did some jacking on the weekend.
  5. Yeah im sure it could, I havent had a night to test it yet but if it doesnt over heat the lens and the battery lasts a session then ill be happy enough
  6. Its something I have often considered, the simplicity of it and the quality of the tracking but then I can get 10 min subs with my EQ3 and as Stuart says, you need the extras which all add up to lots of money. Pros; No need for guiding, very portable, quicker set up (or is it? Accurate PA is critical) Cons; Cost. For me I couldnt justify it. But I am a huge fan of the Astrotrac
  7. Cable ducting, cable ties. You need nothing else. I love cable ties. If I ever go on desert island discs im taking them with me as my luxury.
  8. Ill check the draw tomorrow and let you know, there is a component inside the padding (electronics isnt my thing) I assume it to be some kind of thermostat of some kind.
  9. I havnt put a meter on it yet but I think I may need a bit of heat loss as it gets pretty toastie. But good plan if I do need a bit more
  10. A 12v whelping mat from fleabay, bought for £8, cut to pieces and wired straight to a 12v source. Nicely keeps the dew away. Although I was never gonna win prizes for the most attractive set up I have now what looks like bandages on my optics...
  11. The Astrotrac never disappoints, neither do you as the driver, you get fine results with it. Very nice.
  12. All my lenses are Pentacon manuals, they all focus to infinity on the modded 1000d, with and without clip filter. I have a 50mm 1.8 but ive exiled it from the group because it is so tricky to focus with that cheapo focus ring, I just never got on with it.
  13. well I banned my dog from the area the other week, ive just banned myself also. Oh there was no dew
  14. Tonights disaster. Paused APT to check for due, hair dryer in hand. Tripped on a lead, fell into mount. Right in the middle of 500 sec subs of M81.
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