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  1. It is a couple of years since I last attended the Sixpenny Handley Star party and would love to join you all this year, but won't know for some time if I can make it. Hopefully there will still be room once I find out if I can attend. Fingers crossed.
  2. Combe Hill might be a high point in the Chilterns, but it is quite a treck for lugging gear from the nearest car park. It also has great views of Aylesbury and its associated light pollution!
  3. Wow! Avery impressive piece of work, both in the imaging and in the processing/assembling stage. Excellent.
  4. Very well done Carole. I am still trying to image the Horse Head nebula but with my unmodded 20D and a lack of good subs it still eludes me. Still I'll keep trying.
  5. Hi, Based near High Wycombe, Bucks, I went out at 0330 hrs UT and watched until 0645 when some cloud and approaching dawn forced me in to get warm. In the first hour I only saw one meteor, very bright in the south travelling parallel to the horizon. The next hour saw 8 meteors, all but one being faint and short. The final full hour from 0530hrs to 0630 hrs saw 11 meteors, 3 of which were bright. In my final 15 mins I only saw one more, faint. Total 21 meteors in 3hrs 15 mins. rather disappointing. I did take regular photos of 30 sec exposure (not DSL) but failed to image a single meteor. Oh well, perhaps next time!.
  6. Soory the photo looks rather small. It is the one in my SGL gallery which is a bit bigger, but I'm not sure the best way of posting photos. Unfortunately I haven't quite mastered it yet.
  7. Dspite some haze and low cloud, I thought I'd try to image the ISS passing the Moon and Jupter. 1702 UTC 2 January 2012 Sony DSC-H1 f3.5 15 s ISO 400 Some adjustment in PSE 2
  8. Hedgerow


    A miscellaneous collection of my photos
  9. Hedgerow

    Greetings people

    Hi Make, Welcome to the Lounge. You'll soon get used to it. I like the scope, it promises many happy hours observing when the skies clear...and they will eventually. Let us know how you get on.
  10. Perhaps this may help. Go to the OU discussion site at Brian Cox and the Pauli Exclusion principle | Platform | Open University and look at Simon's answer. It suggests that the principal could have a universal effect. Someone also queried the fact that this would mean faster than light travel if every thing everywhere responded to a local change in energy levels. I do not know much about such things, but I thought that limitation was on anything with mass whereas information does not have mass (or does it?) If it doesn't then I suppose it could travel faster than light. I am sure someone will put me right on this.
  11. Hi Adam. I know Whitby well. I have some distant relatives there. As a youngster I spent many happy hours out on the moors observing the night sky and counting meteors. Enjoy this site. It is friendly and contains a wealth of knowledge. Cheers Peter
  12. Excellent work Luke. Very thick haze delayed my seeing the moon until it was well risen and revealing only the last stages of the eclipse so seeing your view is brilliant. Well done that man!
  13. Well I'm impressed.....very impressed. Well done!
  14. Hi, I have the same scope as you. I also have a Revelation 5x barlow, however I find it next to useless. It always produces indistinct images, no matter how good the seeing. It is also damned hard to get the object in the filed of view when using the webcam! I get better results with the webcam a a decent quality 2x barlow. I might get myself a 3x barlow to see if it helps. Good luck with your imaging. Focussing can be a bit of a trial so the Bahtinov mask will help.
  15. A summary of my diary of my visit to the SSP can be found here.... SSP.html
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