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  1. srry neil and steve could not make it, reason is cz my brothers had a ittle girl ydad 5.20 in the morning i had to baby sit thier kids. thankgod every thing went ok the baby was born on time and healthy she come home in the evevning.
  2. find out the exact meeting point location of coffe shop) road i will defintly be there
  3. woahooooooo recived my book to day with personal letter ofc frm steve so thankyou u made my day. i only ordered it yday im going start on it now went to the local library to get few more books out. just keep me busy until the wheathere clears up. once again steve ty really appraicte it friend
  4. i was on the left hand side and i was also send to last row. i ll make it easier i was the only asian perosn there and i ddint get raffel ticket (. i really enjoyed the lec, tho i was directly behind the young lad who won the last prize the cd. p.s is there meeting this thursday i wish i get a text to say we can go out to view jupiter all depends the wheather. in the mean time i can read some i got today till the wheather clear up touch wood. im really happy cz i got my book from Steve Richards "Making Every Photon Count" with a letter and autography with personl msg woahooooo. just got ba
  5. hi guys im frm bd5 and bd8 area just looking for fellow astronomys in the area to share/ trade/buy or sell and maybe go out togeather for some "proton hunting". im goign to be joining the bradford astro soicity club today maybe some of you are all ready in the club if that is the case could you pleases inform me or reply here. yours sincerly eshan ulhaq
  6. essa

    hello to all members

    hi lion nice to meet u first of all, im joining the bradford astrnomical society club its my first ever meeting at half past seven to day, ive had look at the leeds astro society it is better than the bradford one but the thing i wont have transport in the next couple of months. and yeh we can hook to go the leeds event if you want to, just pm me link Welcome to Bradford Astronomical Society link Leeds Astronomical Society
  7. essa

    hello to all members

    why cant i add pic for my profile its keep saying failed even tho the size 29.4 KB (30,152 bytes)
  8. hi neil im joining the bradford astronomical society club to day but i would also like go with you and the group for more observation i may have transport issue later on in the month but for now i do have car so the sooner we meet the better so just pm with the date / time convenient for you. Welcome to Bradford Astronomical Society
  9. hi just wondering if there is any one from bradford or near to bradford so that we can meet up for observing/ exchange info i am going to join the Welcome to Bradford Astronomical Society to day and wsa also wondering if any one else is on this fourm is attending this club
  10. essa

    hello to all members

    ty friend really appraicte all warm welcomes )
  11. hi peter need some advise frm you i just want to invest 1 time in buying astrophotography camra which one would suggest from the canon range
  12. check this website out Best semi-pro DSLRs | Cameralabs Buyer's Guide i highly recommened it has tons of information and rewiews. im going to buy either te canon eos 5d mark II ior the 7d
  13. essa

    hello to all members

    james ty m8 rally appreacite the help yeh need bit of reserch i finally found what i have to do. once i have bought my dslr and ccd im to save some money for this equipt NexGuide Autoguider NexGuide Autoguider (item #93713) / New Products / Products / Celestron.com 80 mm Guidescope Package 80 mm Guidescope Package (item #52309) / Optical Accessories / Accessories / Products / Celestron.com CG-5 Computerized Mount CG-5 Computerized Mount (item #91518) / Mounts / Products / Celestron.com hi doug ty for the warm welcome by the way going to my first ever meeting 2 morow the Welcome to Brad
  14. essa

    hello to all members

    hi james i ahve already had look at the rewiews of the book and have pm steave for order. ty for the informative info but wat i dont understand is how does the auto guider work on my my mount or how does it contol the main scope to stay in line becasue my mount is an CG-3 Equatorial. do u have to ahve goto mount so that the wires frm the auto guider connet to ? im goignm to use the prim fouc method to take images of the planets first than later on deep sky
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