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  1. Saturn was one of my first objects to view, and years later i still get that WOW feeling every time i see it
  2. great work, one of the best images i seen in a long time
  3. download winrar, its free. then open the file and select 'extrat to' chose your desired location and that should be it
  4. hey and welcome from a fellow bradfordian ;-)
  5. a warm welcome, hope you enjoy your stay
  6. the cigarette lead is used to connect to the mount from the power unit
  7. malc make sure you get the galaxy s2, i have just got one and it blows my iphone4 away! the 4.3" screen is just perfect for all the astro apps
  8. hi martin and welcome from a fellow bradfordian
  9. discovery science is running a space themed week, starting next monday
  10. hi paul,and welcome from another bradfordian
  11. chin up mate! i was waiting over 2weeks for my first light........and im sure many others have had longer waits :-)
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