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  1. We flew from Manchester It went to Oslo and then Tromso, nice and easy. Flight back to Manchester was a bit more long winded: Tromso -> Oslo -> Copenhagen -> Manchester so it took pretty much all day to get back which was a pain. This is the ferry/Cruise line we were on Fjords Cruises - Norwegian coast and fjords - Hurtigruten UK but you might have to book via the Tourism Office for that trip I mentioned. Not far from the hotel actually. Whatever you do I'm sure you'll have a great trip AlanB
  2. Went there a few years ago, and its still expensive! Not sure Beer was quite £30 a pint, but a small bottle was about £10. Went to the local pizzaria and had the world biggest pizza (when they say large they mean huge!) We stayed at the hotel below: http://www.choicehotels.no/collection/en/tromso-hotel-collection-no029-en?cid=845396&tab=0 Quite nice, free buffet type evening snack too and waffles Good views over the harbour and the bridge. Not far at all from the centre of Tromso. If its icy get some non slip shoe things - the paths in the town are fine, but outside it can be really slip
  3. Hi, yes I go there regularly. Was there last night too. Where were you? I was on right hand side, second to last row. AlanB
  4. Went to Tromso in Feb 2008 with my parents, my wifes parents and my brother his fiancee. Hired a couple of cars and on the evening drove out into the wilds to try to find the lights. First night, we thing we saw a green glow way off in the distance, but i don't think we travelled far enough north really to get the best view. Snow mobiling trip in the day- Second night, again drove out but went further north, and did see the lights in between the clouds. Flipping freezing in the wind! We visited the tourist info office and found out that they arrange trips on the Hurtigruten ships from the stop
  5. Think the next one is Solar Viewing, but if clouded out (quite likely with the British weather) then its a video. Fingers crossed it not cloudy and we get to see our nearest star. 4th July one should be good though. AlanB
  6. Welcome BB, Welcome to SGL I'm also from Bradford. Have you been to your local astronomy club? Its quite a busy little place, with plenty of different folks and scopes. They have access to a dark(ish) site too. You'd be most welcome. index As has been mentioned before, get used to your scope before splashing out on new bits of kit - far too easy to do and then realize that you should have bought something different to what you thought you needed - been there done that! AlanB
  7. Just doing this one at the moment, best of the three i've done so far. First one about the planets was drier than sawdust. S194 was tonnes better. Hopefully if i can get my TMA in at the end of April i'm just the maths course to go before I get my certificate in introductory astronomy Fingers crossed I get them done before end of the year otherwise my Life in the Universe course with Manchester Uni becomes invalid. Good luck to all Alan
  8. Booked. Whohoo. Nice and easy too. First Star Party so really looking forward to it. Best get my holdays booked with work! AlanB
  9. Will be there Friday afternoon and Saturday. Going with my mate from Bradford, but meeting my dad who's travelling up from Weymouth, so hopefully the trains will arrive when they should otherwise it'll be fun! Credit card being warmed up as we speak...
  10. Briminham to Newcastle would cover pretty much the middle part of the country. I live in Bradford so to me they're both 2/2.5 hours away.
  11. Sounds good to me too, not that far really. Postcode BD2 Peoples attitude as to 'how far north' all depends on there location. As has been pointed out the people in Scotland regard anywhere south of Newcastle 'the south', and people in and around London regard anywhere past Watford Gap 'the North' Why not three days - one for the south - (Bedford = done) Middle - TBA and Scotland. People can then travel as little or as far as they want My two pence AlanB
  12. Looks nothing like my HEQ5, more like the standard EQ5 mount. HEQ5 = Skywatcher - Skywatcher HEQ5 EQ5 - Skywatcher - Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe (but this is white) AlanB
  13. it was ok. Got to remember that it was aimed at the general public and not really people who are already out there doing it. JR - could loose him with pleasure... halfwit (but thats my opinion so i'll leave it at that) Dara - needs to speak clearer and let others finish what they're saying before diving in an clutting up the section. Grates a bit. BC - doing ok. Hopefully tomorrows will be better... Looking forward to seeing more pics from people I recognise from on here AlanB
  14. Got both mine on Saturday. Look great. Thanks once again for arranging it all
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