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  1. For the past 6 weeks or so, I've been trying to reach many of these Wooden Observatory suppliers/builder, but to no avail. Some reverted politely saying they have a 3-6 month backlog, and some did not even bother to return calls, whatsapp messages, emails. So I bit the bullet and decided to build one. Intend to house 2 x EQ6. Slightly largish build 4.5m x 2.5 m (15 x 8 feet). 7x3" treated timber for the structure, Oriented Strand Boards for walls and roof, castor wheels, and aluminium railing. Here's my plan and elevation. Will post photos as the build progresses.
  2. I've been trying to contact Home Observatory UK for the past 3 weeks. They don't answer their land line listed on the website or the mobile phone in one of the posts above? Wonder if they've folded, or just too busy to take orders?
  3. My Lunt LS50 is still under warranty. As views were not clear, I sent it back to the US. After inspection, Lunt said that the etalon is decontacted and I'll have to pay for repair. The reason they provided was that an etalon can be decontacted only if the scope suffered from a heavy knock, which wont be covered under warranty. I assured them that no such thing has happened to the scope, but to no avail. Can they really skimp on the warranty like this? What recourse do I have ? Thanks, Vincent.
  4. Here's a picture of the mod. They've brought the sensor foward, inserted a cold tongue behind it, connected to a peltier.
  5. Is there anyone in the UK who can repair thsi for me? My well used Canon 6D CentralDS Cooled DSLR suddenly stopped cooling, although the fans still run. Maybe the peltier's damaged. Cant afford to send it all the way back to Korea? Thanks, Vincent.
  6. Thanks all for the analysis. I'll watch Jupiter for more activity in the NEB. Thanks, Vincent.
  7. Dear All, Images from 19th March 2012 19:12 and 19:17. Two black spots on the left side of SEB. appeared in two separate videos with a camera re-positioning in between. Hence I can rule out artifacts. Moon shadows or something more sensational? C9.25, DFK, 2X Barlow. Thanks, Vincent.
  8. Keith, The school already has a sun watch at 12.00. This will be followed by a moon watch at 14.30. Hence the question on a day time moon filter. Thanks, Vincent.
  9. Dear All, I am organising a moon watch at a local primary school. The only problem is that it is at 14.30. At this time of the day, contrast on the moon will be poor. What filter can I use to enhance the viewing experience? Thanks, Vincent.
  10. I intend to use hired labour all the way..... Digging, concreting, even building the shed I can see the brickbats coming. With a day job and two evening businesses to run and two small kids - DIY by my own . Yup I am missing all the fun. I'll post a cost run down when the obsy's done. About the piers, I have not yet decided what to go for. Thinking of: (1)Altair - Altair Skyshed Observatory Pier 8" OD :: Telescope Mount Accessories :: Mounts & Tripods :: Altair Astro (2)Astro engineering - Astro Engineering AC282 Standard Pier for EQ6 (HEQ6 pro etc) (3) DIY pier To start with I'll continue with the EQ6 tripods. I've had them on my balcony for months at a time without having to re-polar-align. Cheers, Vincent.
  11. And here's the concreting done. Rest of the build will have to wait until 1st week Jan.
  12. Malcom, I dont intend to have a warm room, I'll just run the cables straight to the living room. An active USB repeater will do nicely. Grahame, Both scopes will be used for imaging. One will be the C8 hyperstar for wider angles and the other C9.25 for high resolution work.
  13. I was working with 2 EQ6's and C9.25 & C8 in a balcony of 6 X 12 feet. Was allright, but very cramped. For my obsy I've planned for a bit more spacious 8 X 14 feet.
  14. Dear All, Started the build today. I've taken the easy route - hired labour. Shaded areas are poured concrete, running around the perimeter of the shed, at gantry posts, telescope piers. Depth everywhere = 2 feet As you've noticed I plan to accommodate two EQ6's. Cheers, Vincent.
  15. Thanks for the advice folks. The build is about to start. I'll post some pics of the site and plan for the foundation soon. Thanks, Vincent.
  16. Thanks guys for the specifics on brands and suppliers. I've decided to go for the Numax. One more question - the deep cycle chargers seem to be more expensive than the batteries topping 100 quid. Are these essential or shall I go for a cheaper charger ~25 quid? Thanks, Vincent.
  17. Dear All, I am looking to buy a Marine Deep Cycle battery for powering my EQ6 and Dew heaters? Which brands have you tried and recommend? Thanks, Vincent.
  18. Dear All, Moved to a new home last week. Decent sized garden. Have started planning a roll-off obsy. Hit the first road block- permission from the Home Ministry. Read below and keep the tips and sympathies coming in. I am worried about loosing space in the garden as well as loss of property value due to an ugly building . There will also be objection from the neighbours which will come after you have finished building it, leading to demolishing it. In this country people can object to things even if it is something that is allowed, and the council will listen to them. Put your telescope in the loft. You must have seen that the loft is insulated with insulating material so there is no heat transfer from below. If you want you can insulate further to avoid further thermal interference. The garden is small, adding a building is going to make it smaller and ugly. That building will be make the garden look ugly and definitely will have negative impact on property value. There will be a blocked view from the living room and no buyer will buy such a property not to mention our enjoyment of the garden from the lounge. If there was no other option then we could have thought about it. But there could be other options. Call a builder and explore the option putting the telescope in the loft, if you want you can do it on both sides of the loft which will give you larger coverage, add more insulation to stop heat. We don't have a 100 ft garden, currently the right corner is so close to the house. Please explore loft option, please don't do anything in haste. Everyone will be unhappy loosing space in the garden. Please take your time and explore loft and loft option, don't do things in haste . Please please please don't install a building in the already small garden before exploring all options.
  19. Wow, thats what I call extreme deep sky imaging. We hardly get to see these little beauties in amateur images. Thanks for the treat. Well done!!
  20. Thanks guys. You're right, there's a bit of collimation problem with the hyperstar. The stars at the bottom seem to be on a different focal plane.
  21. Dear All, Of late I've settled into the habit of capturing 2-3 targets every night in narrowband and repeating the same for a few weeks until I have sufficient data. Advantage is that I get each target when it is at the zenith and once it moves to the murk, I slew to my next target. Been doing the Veil, Pelican, & Pacman this way. Here's the first one. Dates taken: 7 nights across July, August, and September in between cloud breaks! Scope: C8 Hyperstar Camera: SXV-H16 Filters: Astronomik Ha, OIII, SII Guiding: ST80, DFK Mount: EQ6 Exposures: 5 hours Ha, 14 hours OIII, 9 hours SII all in 10 minute subs. Processing: Stacked in Maxim DL, DBE in PixInsight LE, Stretched and Noise Reduced in CS3 Comments and criticism welcome please Thanks, Vincent.
  22. The C9.25 should deliver better pictures than the ones I have posted. This is a routine that I use. 1) The C9.25 require's at least 50 minutes of cooling down to ambient temperature. 5 minutes for every inch of aperture. 2) Focus on a star near to Jupiter. Should be on the same side of the meridian. Otherwise mirror flop will ruin your focus. I use a bahtinov mask to focus. 3) Check your collimation every session. There's a free tool, MetaGuide - MetaGuide that allows you to collimate using a webcam. 4) I use IC Capture with my DFK. Settings: Color format: YUY2 FPS: 30 Format: AVI Codec: RGB24 Gamma: 100 Exposure: 1/30 Adjust the Gain as high as possible, just below the point where mid-portions of Jupiter gets saturated. Some people use Y800 at 60 frames per second and then de-bayer in Registax, which is probably better to freeze atmospheric turbulence. 5) Length of Video Not more than 3 minutes. Otherwise you get rotation blur. 6) While processing in Registax, after alignment, I move the limit bar and reject almost 50% to 66% of the frames. Do not hesitate to throw away a large number of frames. Stacking should require just around 1000 to 1500 frames. More experienced people may quote different numbers. 7) I get rid of colour fringing using the RGB-Align feature of Registax. I do this after wavelet processing. 8) I get a natural colour balance while processing in photoshop. I use levels and chose each colour individually and set the white point where the histogram stops at the right. This automatically gives a natural colour balance.
  23. Martin, I am trying to use the Lodestar and SXV-H16 on the same XP laptop. PHD can recognise only one SX camera. I see you have solved this problem using SX Universal Driver. How so? Where do you download the Universal Driver from? Thanks Vincent.
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