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Andy McK

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  1. Andy McK

    Observing me Tal 2 150mm Newt.

    Photo dump. Pic(s) taken with a Fuji finepixS bridge cam stuck on the EP with home made bracket (really wish I had a tidy DSLR)
  2. Andy McK

    Tal 2M mount(MT-2C) base.

    Not sure, I'll have to check
  3. mine is also the same except the EP's are a push fit, no locking screws
  4. Andy McK

    Tal 2 mirror cell 2

    Mine is the same except the locking nuts are slot head screws...
  5. Andy McK


    Yup, inside of my Tal 2 OTA is the same. apparently the groves are supposed to minimise adjacent light getting to the primary. I'm also thinking of painting the inside, I'm not sure if the grey used to be mat black ??
  6. I had the same problem with mine, rubbed it all down and gave it a couple of coat of "White appliance" enamel paint.
  7. Andy McK

    DEC fine adjuster mod.

    After "fitting" a finderscope to my polar axis (RA) I found adjusting the DEC (latitude) a pain, as there is no fine adjust on the TAL 2 mount, so I made the following..
  8. Andy McK

    Polar scope?

    After a chat with Andy H. thought I'd try this...
  9. Andy McK

    Tal 2 EQ Mount setting circles

    How to change your Tal 2 RA setting circles for Northern Hemisphere Tools: 3mm "flat" screwdriver 10mm "flat" screwdriver Soft mallet Good vice "dont think a Workmate will do soz"
  10. Stop it, u make me blush so. I suppose the good thing about having an older scope, you (I) dont mind so much, drilling and banging away. If I had a TAL200k, maybe a different story, duno (:)
  11. Andy McK

    lock clutch to body

    That looks like a totaly different setup to mine, give me 5, i check
  12. Andy McK

    lock clutch to body

    As in, does the mount drop into the pier? yup, slip fit. Pain I found, when polar alignin' I get Polaris bang on, nip up the locking screws, but because the "V" in the pedistal bit is not "on center" as u tighen up, az drifts off a bit, so u have to allow for it. "guess"
  13. Andy McK

    RA Cluch exposed

    Andy, when I first stripped this cluch to change my RA bearings, I noted the washers were at the top, next to the screw heads. In my opinion, they really needed to be on the plate end. not sure if it makes a diff, just seemed better for the plate and spring ends
  14. TAL 2, used mount refurbed, camera bunged on the end of the EP and held my breath. (Fujipix xover 14 mp)
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