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  1. Love the use of the rough lumber for the stairs, nice touch You must have enjoyed the build, it had you in stitches
  2. Dont know if you guys have seen this (pun??) This site is a calculator for your birthday star, enter your birthday and it calculates what star's light left the star the day you were born, eg. I'm 52.9 years old, so It gave me this: Your birthday star is in the constellation Ursa Major. It is called 10 Ursae Majoris in the Historia Cœlestis Britannica of John Flamsteed and Edmund Halley. It is called NS 0900+4146 A in the NStars database. It has visual magnitude 4.1 meaning that you could see this star with the naked eye in good viewing conditions. It is marked in the center of this star chart, at celestial coordinates (J2000 equinox): Right ascension 9:0:38.4 Declination 41:46:58.5 This star is 52.9 light years away, which means that the light we see from it today set off on its journey at about the same time that you were born. Come back in a month or two and your birthday star may change, as the light from more distant stars reaches Earth. Enjoy http://outreach.jach.hawaii.edu/birthstars/index.html
  3. This is an interesting short vid, made by a lecturer in the States showing fellow lecturer's how to made a model of space and how mass "warps" the fabric
  4. Yes please. or maybe a raffle? If there a lot of interest?
  5. So, If I have this right, the Earth is more dense, probably because of it's iron core, so you could state that we have a Ferro Roche limit ? (I do, at Christmas)
  6. Dr Who does makeup? TBH all done in Cardiff, so time travel to the past IS possible
  7. Tube of Pringles does it for me. and you can use the old tube for a Wi fi booster (Google)
  8. Sorry guys, couldn't help my self. It's also my ring tone when the boss calls
  9. I love the art work, very Spike Milligan What I think you have here chaps is a manometer(ish) very simple and very accurate (used properly) We used to use them to calibrate pressure gauges
  10. Spiders will keep the flies out, just watch the old lady doesn't swallow them, she could die I was told some pine cones left lying around does the trick....
  11. The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few (I heard that some where) If you listen to the style of the narration, this program is made for overseas sales. hence the use of Mr Hammond. an Icon worldwide (well, where ever they sell Top gear too) At least he wasn't on top of a large cherry picker this time. I do agree with earlier comments, yes, this forum is a "hard sell" because we have direct interest in the subject matter I also agree that the Beeb keeps making "science" programs for the masses with nothing to heavy to digest. (which brings me back to my previous point) The beeb does seem to be scared to go any deeper with their scientific content, they even considered dropping the S@N (different thread) So as a public service broadcaster, they will always go for the easy road, (chefs, houses, weddings) I also watched "How the universe works" on Quest (Cheap Discovery) This was a much more informative program, with all the usual US physics scientists, Dr Michio Kaku etc. Caveat: the graphics were re-run a lot, sometimes flipped but essentially the same graphic, but the content "held" me So there must be a market for this level of informative programming in the States because so much of it is produced. Has Auntie just lost her way ?
  12. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!!! Run away !!!!!
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