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  1. OOps... My bad, looks like I've got some editing to do...
  2. @alexwolf I'm trying to enter details of oculars and some of them are minus numbers but Stellarium will not let me enter a minus number into the field stop field. See the attached list. Explore Scientific Eyepiece list.pdf
  3. What I want to do is input the details of each eyepiece into Stellarium so I can see what view the give me before I spend any money on them. I have entered quite a few already, but on some, they don't give the field stop. I wonder if anyone could help me fill in the blanks, is the 'field stop' actually needed? If anyone already has these details, could you please post a message with the details of your eyepiece(s) below; Name aFOV Focal Length Field Stop Many thanks (I've included my current list of eyepieces) ocular.ini
  4. I already have the celestrak address in the list. I did a search earlier and there was no result for ISS, strangley, now there is!!! Also, the search has finished and it could not find '.Stellarium' so trying a search 'everywhere' now... [EDIT] Just realised why I am not finding the folder, it's an APPIMAGE a SNAP install. Going to uninstall and reinstall (properly). I am unable to locate the .stellarium folder in my home directory.
  5. Just downloaded the User Guide and will print it out as I prefer to read old-style rather than PDF's on screens.. Currently running a search in / for .Stellarium Thanks
  6. Where is the Oculars folder for the Linux (Ubuntu) version. I am unable to locate it. I am copying the oculars folder from my Windows Laptop versio to my Desktop Ubuntu version. Also, I am unable to find the ISS. What sattelite web address I need to add to be able to locate the ISS?
  7. I am unable to locate the oculars folder in Ubuntu, does anyone know where it is located?
  8. I've also just opened the file in text editor and the oculars list only goes up to 255. I am currently putting in all the eyepieces from RotherValleyOptics to try them out and I'm not sure if I've entered more than 255 or not and I'm thinking that 255 is the cut-off amount (255 being 11111111 in binary). It could possibly be something for @alexwolf to consider in increasing the number, if possible.
  9. So, that;s why I could not find it. In Linux, it's easier to identify a hidden folder ~ '.hidden', theres a 'dot/full stop' in front of the folder name. I should be able to locate the same or similar folder in Linux as the folder structure should be almost identical.
  10. I have just looked and I don't have an 'AppData' folder. I am also using Kubuntu (Linux), so I would need to know the location to copy the file to. There is a 'Roaming' folder, but that contains wireless info for internet
  11. I would like to do the same but I am unable to locate the folder, never mind the file. The only folder inside the Stellarium folder that starts with 'M' is Models. I have the latest version installed 0.19.3
  12. Sorry, I was half asleep when I read the last post :-) Found this one, quite impressive Found this on the same site, I assume it screws onto it extending it as 'NEQ6' is just the motor. Reflector/Refractor? What you recommend 'NEQ6' is a 'Go-To' which Stellarium is capable of controlling. Why the 2 different scopes? Wont 1 be enough? In the NEQ6 or the Startravel or don't matter?I did a search last night and found some here, they’re cheaper but will that mean a sacrifice of quality somewhere? Yes, got a laptop (running Ubuntu) but no camera (that's in the budget too), got some USB extensions we could put together and possibly get more if needed. Or could take pictures on the PC via the CCD. I've often wondered 'why different eyepieces', to help with magnification I guess And I was told earlier that £3k was way too much to stick as a budget for astronomy, I knew how expensive it would be...Thanks for all the help/info it's been a helpful insight/eye-opener for me as to what I would need. It wont be until the back end of this year before we get one so I have got plenty of time to do more research as to what I need and the cost. I'm looking forward to taking some good DSO images. Pete
  13. DSO ? Planetary imaging compared to live view ? Whats the difference, theyre both of an image of 'out there' All I'm really after is one that can take a really good image of far distance objects with really good detail. I remember having a 6" Dobsonian a little over 20 years ago. It gave a good image (it was 4' long) but the only thing I didn’t like about it was it was not computer controlled and free moving, unlike a Newtonian. What exactly is the difference with those types of scopes that are about 12" compared to one that is about 3'-4'. Which is better at magnification, I'd guess due to refraction the longer one. Also, what's the Linux compatability like re the scope SW and display of CCD image on PC
  14. I've recently been taking another look at what's available and it's really confusing, with all the different numbers relating to something about the scope. Also, I don’t know whether to go for one of those 'stubby' scopes or one of the other 'long' types. Which is the best type? What I want is one I can control with my PC (Linux Ubuntu), I have got Stellarium and found it can control a 'Go-To' Telescope. I am also looking at a couple of options of displaying what the telescope sees on my PC, either a CCD, webcam or digital camera. I presume the CCD and digital camera options will be limited to SW comparability. I do have a TV Card fitted but I am unable to get it working properly.
  15. Hi all, I'm new to this site but not relatively new to astronomy, I've had 2 telescopes before but didn't take much notice in what they were (But that's another thread). What I am asking is, I want a telescope I can control with my PC and view the image seen by the telescope on the PC. Whats the best equipment to use, I am estimating a budget of around £3k. Any help is greatly appreciated.
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