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  1. Hi everyone, thought I would say hello again, still here and still interested in this frustrating hobby of ours! the recent sunshine has taken my interest to solar, it's been nice to view via the badder filter I have on the Mak Cass, so now it's time to mod the heritage with a solar filter. the weather over the last year has not helped us at all has it. Good to be back in touch with you guys, I won't be too mobile shortly as "the knee job" is about to hhappen hope everyone is well Take care Gordon
  2. Hi everyone, mountain view = Gordon i was looking to give home network a name looked out and guess what I saw, so mountain view it is
  3. Hello and welcome to the group, I'm in Risca FYI there is an observation night due to be held 17th November at the Cwmcarn Scenic Drive, I think there is a charge, but you do get access to the Scenic Drive at night and use of the scopes provided by Cardiff Astronomical Society who are running the event although I believe you book your place via the Scenic Drive itself I'm due to be a " meeter and greeter " at the event-PM me if you are interested and I will try to get further details for you Gordon
  4. Welcome to you new members, this is a very friendly and helpful group with lots of useful knowledge available pas with others I'm away for this meet and will be until around the end of October, but will try to keep tabs from away look forward to meeting up with you all again as we benefit from longer dark nights I expect to be at CAS tomorrow evening if anyone is interested, lecture on the Moon, should be good. See you all soon
  5. For those who are considering joining CAS, their lectures start this week with a meet at CAS in Cardiff at 7.30 with a lecture by Dr Peter Cadogan, Cotswold Astronomical Society. The subject being Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter - The Moon Close Up. Should be good, I will be there, anyone need help or want to meet up please pm me
  6. Will have a look at star walk Steve, would like to use the iPad instead of stellarium on the laptop
  7. Gaz, I think you and all of us are really fed up with the cloudy skies day and night but especially night, summer demands a lot from amateur astronomers, we need to stay up late at least! Lets hope that as the nights start closing in we'll be rewarded with some clear skies for our hobby that does give some remarkable returns for our efforts
  8. Well done, great shot, especially blown up!! You have evry reason to be pleased, congratulations
  9. Hi Steve, I thinks it's the optic understanding of exit pupil, eye relief etc and of course a steady hand and even breathing control at higher magnifications etc. FT as its generally referred to as has a competition element to it too, I haven't got that far yet but am trying to decide my next scope up-grade
  10. I haven't experienced archery, but like a few others needed a second hobby and so have started air rifle field target; uses some of the optic knowledge we gather but very demanding great fun really and am enjoying it
  11. The weather has hampered our travel too and my wife plays bowls so we are looking forward to the coming months of darkening skies that will hopefully clear; so no to Trecastle ..... Yet We're looking to visit the east of England shortly, flat and perhaps less polluted, we shall see looking forward to seeing you all later in the year
  12. I've been keeping an eye on this thread in the hope that it might just improve for us all. Did look out Friday and saw a few meteors so reasonably pleased with that and iss, but the viewing conditions weren't good except perhaps for the zenith, and that's the second time the scope has been out since the mod a few months ago as with others, this has been such a disappointing year for us all Looking forward to when we can all meet again
  13. As with others I am a member too and have helped out as a 'meeter and greeter' at an event, my first contact was with Graham who was very helpful; the Society seems to retain a membership of around 3-400 although you won't see that many at any meet! Lectures are well supported though they varied and often entertaining, and draw speakers fron a wide sectrum; have to admit that I do pick and choose It is a very friendly society but for me the Observatory which really is quite something is bit too far away. Astronomy often draws the attention of those amongst us who have an interest in photograoh
  14. Sounds great would like to meet up if weather ok As Mat says, best not to jinks it by setting any arrangements just yet, will keep an eye on this thread
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