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  1. Well, I got some time to reprocess and tried Pixinsights HDRWavelet process for the first time. I've probably over done it but this is the result. I think I've slightly blown the highlights a tad but it's added quite a bit of extra contrast and brought out some extra detail. Let me know what you think. Link to full size: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6152/6241416415_91007a4194_o.jpg Robert
  2. Thanks again for the feedback. I've taken on board all your suggested improvements to the image. They all make a lot of sense so I'll have another go and see what I can do. Hopefully I won't spoil it, just minor tweaks... Robert
  3. Thanks again !!! That really is great encouragement. Ian, I did take some OIII but the signal is very weak. Might have a go at processing that later this week. Robert
  4. Thanks for your kind words. It's very rare to get conditions that good on the edge of London so I was pleasantly surprised with the low noise after stacking. Low noise just opens up so many more options when processing with Pixinsight. I wish I lived in a really dark place like you Olly - dream on ... Maybe I'll come down and visit again. Best Wishes Robert
  5. Hi All, I've not posted for quite a while now as I've had a few things to sort out, then there was all the great weather we has in June/July/August and part of September I finally managed to grab some time over that clear week we had a short while ago and this is my first process from then. I'd be interested in any processing suggestions. Link to full res: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6156/6226717043_bbc4bfe969_o.jpg Capture details: Optics: Skywatcher MN190 Camera: FLI ML8300 Filter: Baader Ha Subs: 18 x 1200s Location: Orpington Date: 28-29/09/2011 Capture and calibration: MaximDL 5.12 Processing: Pixinsight 1.7 Mount: Takahashi NJP guided via 200mm finder guider. Thanks Robert
  6. Thanks but erm.. that's quite a monster with a price to suit !!! The filter wheel is the CFW1-5 which has an SCT femail thread, that in turn means the mating male piece has to have a thread 5mm or less long. I was really looking for something a little more cost effective and allow me to loose about 25mm or less of back focus (because that's about all I've got on the SW 190). At the moment I'm thinking that one of the SX versions may well suit but I'm not so sure about them taking the weight. Robert
  7. I was wondering if there's anyone out there using an off axis guider with a FLI Microline camera and FLI filter wheel. Am looking for advice and experiences. Will be using it with an MN190 and C11. Thanks Robert
  8. Hi Olly, That's a fantastic image, I just wish I could have done it justice like you have. Some RGB would certainly enhance it further. From all the post and images anyone would think you do it for a living One last thing, I think this one will absorb all the subs you throw at it and more... Will take a look at Prokyons POW now ... Thanks for sharing. Robert
  9. Thanks for explaining Bhatinov grabber Jordan. As a slight aside I always focus on a very bright star for NB with the 200L. Expect some corner softness when working with the tele extenders and also if you don't get precise focus. The new MkIII tele extenders are probably better than their MkII predecessors but I'm not sure how well they would work for astro imaging. If they work well then they would add a lot of flexibility. Another thing to consider is the weight of the lens and the fractional displacement due to play in the bayonet. Both lens and extender would need to be a tight fit. Robert
  10. Great review of a fantastic lens Olly. I would say the only drawback, which is the same for all EF fitting lenses is the limited back focus. Regarding the 135L f/2, all the MTF charts show that lens as being one of the sharpest even at f/2. The problem with focusing at these low focal ratios is not to be understated. Just tapping the focus collar at f/2.8 is enough to take the lens in and out of focus. The use of Bhatinov grabber and mask is the only exact way of getting focus I've found. On the other hand once you have focus then it will happily keep focus for many many hours. Sometimes I've not even had to refocus from the previous night. I'm now after something with a shorter focal length, the 135L is certainly tempting but maybe too close the the 200L. Perhaps the 85mm 1.8 but then that has no weather sealing - always something to consider in a damp climate. Robert
  11. That's an excellent start Olly, only 5 months to go before the result then
  12. Very sweet Olly, it's a big [removed word] isn't it !
  13. Thank you all for the kind comments, it's much appreciated.
  14. Thats a really wonderful result Nadeem. What's the full res image like?
  15. That must have been super clean data to be able process it like that! Must admit I am very jealous of you dark site folks because of the targets you can attempt. I'm limited to narrow band and very bright DSO's for wideband work. Great image btw ! Robert
  16. What an excellent M45. It's a wonderful reprocess, especially since you've done the whole thing in PI (must have been a very steep learning experience!). Some more subs would really improve the noise and ease processing but you already know that! Robert
  17. This image shows the area around the Horsehead and Flame nebula as well as the Hunters belt in Ha. The image has been processed to bring out as much of the background nebulosity as possible (so it may look a bit over processed). The three bright stars running diagonally are the belt in the Constellation of Orion. I need many more sub-exposures to complete this but here is the first cut of 120mins in Ha. I was a bit surprised how well this came out to say the least. A couple of days playing with PI to get the processing to how I wanted it and subdueing the noise worked wonders. Originally I was in two minds about imaging this considering the nearly full moon but as the old addage goes... if you don't try... Anyway, I hope you like it and any criticism is much appreciated. Link to half resolution here http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1400/5105324795_f23cea42b6_o.jpg Capture details: Exposure: 12 x 600s (120mins) Baader Ha 7nm Camera: FLI ML 8300 @-30C Optics: Canon 200L lens @ f/3.2 Conditions: Clear but nearly full moon Sky Magnitude: approx 3.5 Location: Orpington BR6 Date: 21/10/2010 Guiding: Lodestar + converted 50mm finder Bias/Darks calibration in MaximDL, all other processing in PI. TFL Robert
  18. That looks really good, excellent star colouration and well processed. Been on my list a few years now and I'd love to capture it this well. Robert
  19. I have to agree, they are amazing ! It just goes to show what can be achived with a little ingenuity. Thanks for posting that link Nick.
  20. That's an excellent overview. I didn't think I would be saying this but it sounds better then SkySafari from Carinasoft. The astrophoto section is a great addition - funny really you only miss something when you know it could be there !!! Robert
  21. That's an excellent Horsehead capture, and very nice framing. Well done!
  22. I don't have an iPad but SkySafari works on the 3GS and can control a telescope through SkyFi just as the iPad can. Though the screen is much smaller you can fit in your pocket and it does exactly the same. Another good app is Pocket Universe though it's not as reliable it does have some other interesting features. SkySafari is my favourite though, the interface is fast, responsive and holds over 2.5m stars down to 12th Mag. It's also the most expensive at about £12 with the expansion pack but in mho well worth it. Robert
  23. The main improvement I saw in balancing was to point the camera towards the counterweights. Doing that allows you to move the counterweights closer to the RA axis which reduces the inertia of the system. All balanced up my focuser is about 2" from the front tube ring. Personally I would only be concerned if I couldn't reach balance. A 50mm finder guider also helps a lot as you can virtually ignore it for the purposes of achieving balance. I use the supplied dovetail to mount the guider and found a losmandy dovetail had more than enough rigidity, even with the stock tube rings, despite the small feet. I would imagine the ADM bar would be nearly as good. Hope that helps Robert
  24. They are both truly stunning, such a wide field and in so much detail !!! Well done
  25. Fay, That's a good attempt especially considering the conditions. Bear in mind that it's a very tricky customer that needs a good dark sky to get the best out of it. Also 600s subs may well be too long - was the core overexposed ? Robert
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