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  1. Hey folks. Have been off SGL for a while, but was interested to see that there are still issues with the Starsense even after all this time. I was/am very interested in it to go on my CG5, but if it still hasn't been fixed then I may end up giving it a swerve until if is 100% fixed. Any heads-up regarding the CG5 would be very welcome. Thanks
  2. Thank goodness I have held off getting the Starsense for now. It has been a good while since I last logged onto this thread and it appears that there are still many people who are having problems. I must say I do agree with you proflight2000. Putting a brand new piece of gear out to market before all the bugs have been fixed then letting the poor consumer be the beta testers for it does appear to be pretty poor. Fair play to Celestron though for setting up their forum where you can report problems and hopefully get them sorted. In the beginning, I was as keen as mustard to get one for my CG5,
  3. Well I stepped outside tonight to go and lock our garden gate. I looked up at the moon to be welcomed by an amazing halo. I have never witnessed one before and I gather it is rare (all the various things need to be present in order to see one). It was very impressive. I tried to take a picture, but my camera wouldn't take the whole thing in, so I just looked and soaked it all up instead. Well pleased.
  4. I went to my local astronomical society last Wednesday (Hebden Bridge) and we had Professor Andy Newsam from LJMU as speaker. http://www.ljmu.ac.uk/NewsUpdate/viewarticle/850/ John Moore University have their own robotic telescope on La Palma and you can dial into that as well. I'm not sure if it is specifically students only though.
  5. I use the Maplin 12v power supply: http://www.firstlightoptics.com/power/maplins-xm21x-7a-138v-regulated-mains-power-supply.html Works great on my CG5.
  6. Thought this was rather good. http://www.waitwow.com/make-scientifically-accurate-cake-planets/
  7. Mine is in a very large plastic Ikea storage box. I bought some cheap cushions at the same time and lay them in the bottom of the box then put the ota in. I even had a purpose built unit made especially to accommodate it under our stairs.
  8. Looks impressive indeed. Spec wise it appears that it could give the Williams Optics 2" diagonal a run for it's money.
  9. That happened to me the first time I went out with my C9.25, Martin. I had a dewshield, but no heater. Within an hour or so the scope was unusable as the front had fogged up. Once I had got a heatertape and controller the problem was solved.
  10. I use the Astrozap heater, controller and also the separate dewshield (although you could opt for the combo version). I have also recently bought the Celestron Luminos 2.25 (2") barlow which I am finding pretty good, although you would need a 2" diagonal. Certainly having a large apeture ota you would be advised to get a 2" diagonal in order to do it justice. Also I have a Hyperion Aspheric 36mm ep which coupled with my 2" gear and the large apeture of the C9.25 does give you some nice wide views of the sky.
  11. Thanks for all your tips, guys. I knew you would come up trumps. Rowan. That table looks to be just the ticket. Compact, but lightweight and full adjustable with a lip around the edge. Not too expensive either. I think that is going to be the one. I will be still keeping my eyepieces in their case as well, but i'll leave the open case on the tabletop.
  12. As the title says, can anyone recommend a suitable plastic/metal table to use for putting things on when out with the scope? I have been looking for something for ages where I can set it up next to the scope and use it for putting eyepieces/accessories on. At the moment I am scrabbling around in my boxes on the ground, so having a decent table where I could lay things out would be great. Also somewhere I can put my glasses down, so I don't break them. Ideally it needs to be smallish for storage, but also rigid and strong enough, also not too light that it gets blown over by a gust of wind. Als
  13. I had a floater removed from my left eye a couple of years ago (my right eye is lazy, so I am pretty much reliant on my left eye for seeing anything). With the floater removal the eye surgeon did a cataract operation at the same time, so they removed my own lens and replaced it with a false one. Unfortunately with this comes the need to wear glasses all the time now. I may have no floater (this was becoming intolerable in it's own way as it was large), but I have gone from not wearing glasses at all to having to wear them all the time now. At the eyepiece I do find it hard as I am constantly
  14. I have the AstroZap dewshied as well, but as James said without a heater you can pretty much forget it. I remember when I first bought my C9.25 I just bought a shield on its own. Well my first time out everything seemed ok, but within an hour or so the scope was pretty much unusable because of the dew that had formed on the front of it. Large SCT's are renowned for fogging up. On my old 127 SLT Mak I only needed to use a shield, but for the C9.25 it is mandatory for a heater as well. I use an Astrozap heatertape and controller. Works a treat now. No more calling it a day on my session early be
  15. I saw Andromeda for the first time in 3 years last week. Under my light polluted skies I knew it was Andromeda as I recognised that unmistakable faint fuzzy smudge.
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