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  1. Hi Billy, thanks for recommending the book. I will take a look at it later. I've installed Stellarium and set it up to my place, and about the books I shouldn't be worried about slight differences in constellation shapes right? Since it will look different from different places. Anyway thanks again! Hi Patrick, I have downloaded February star chart for equatorial edition and ready to use it. I believe I have to learn much more since the sky chart is only useful around 8~9 pm. This chart can be used any time but I can't seem to grasp the basics on how to read that yet. Too bad planisphere doesn't exist for my region, although I think I saw only one website sell the quite intelligent design of equatorial edition planisphere. Thanks! I do have bino but I think I have to get familiar with navigating and hopping around the stars first I think.
  2. Hi, I'm a total beginner in stargazing and would like to survey proper books or any stargazing resources for beginner. Quite a lot of Internet resources and books are directed towards people who live in northern or southern hemisphere. Is there any resources that specifically directed towards people who live near the equator, or I need to just get used of the differences of star position and just use any resources available? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm a beginner who love to learn more about the sky and currently deciding on choosing the right bino for me. My first bino is a cheap unbranded 10x50 bino which sadly out of collimation and went missing few months ago. So I decided this time to find a good enough bino to use in the long run. I've surveyed some websites and found this Orion Scenix 10x50 binoculars. Based on reviews it sounds good, but I need to confirm here before I buy. Is this bino good enough for a long run and to learn my way across the sky? Or should I get something else? Thanks!
  4. Ah I see. Thanks And thanks for the warm welcome guys!
  5. Thanks, David and Micheal
  6. Yeah but I resides in Pahang now so it should be 3 Deg N, and less light pollution here fortunately haha. So Is there any differences between 3 Deg N and 60 N Deg in terms of DSOs and sky viewing? Ah thanks for the tips! Yeah I'm still confuse with navigational stuff. I think I should practice by using Stellarium then. Thanks again Thanks
  7. Hi, my name is Afiq. I'm not particularly new in this community since I've been lurking for 2 years. But in terms of contributing and discussing, I am really new. Total beginner and a person who love to gaze onto skies since I was a small kid, and own a decent 10 x 50 bino. I don't have any basics yet in determining constellations (in simple words, I'm just started!). I wonder if there is any differences between southern hemisphere skies and equator skies that I need to take into account when reading posts from here? We are situated just a degree north from the equator so the sky here isn't always good, depends on the tropical climate we have. Anyway, glad meeting you all. Hopefully I'll gained more inputs here. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the guide! I've been wondering though
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