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  1. waruna

    Hello from Portugal!

    Hello João, greetings from Malaysia. Welcome to SGL. I am new too
  2. waruna

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Hi Mr. Alan, Understood. So I guess I’ll just stick to the stock lens kit first before investing on Samyang lens. Maybe can find 2nd hand with good condition. Thank you Sir
  3. waruna

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Ok in that case once I get my DSLR (Nikon D5300), I will get suggestion for the most ‘economical but excellent’ lens for me. Thank you all.
  4. waruna

    Hi new member from malaysia

    Welcome bro. Let’s learn together. I’m from N. Sembilan. Have a nice browsing
  5. Hi Mr. Galen, Thank you for the link. Wow I don't know there are such Imaging Tools available. Very helpful especially for me. Thanks a lot once again.!
  6. waruna

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Hi Sir, Yes, budget is quite tight right now. Sorry for this noob question, but what is vintage prime lens? Is it achievable if I just use the DSLR stock lens kit for starter? Thank you.
  7. waruna

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Thank you Mr. Geordie, I've checked market price for item 3-5. New is around $500. That's roughly times 4 in my country currency. Maybe can get those items at 2nd hand price around $200-300, I think. Thank you sir for your response.
  8. Hi Mr. Geoff, Noted on that. That will be a challenge for me. I will try it once weather if superb. So this way I don't have to switch between eyepiece and camera right?
  9. Hi Mr. Ady, Okay I will try to install regular version of SharpCap. But what about FireCapture. Some said FireCapture is better than SharpCap in term of planetary, is it true? And one more thing, may I ask, which bright objects is easier to capture for beginner like me? I live in suburbs area, so the light pollution is not in worst condition, gut a few from street lights as I normally do my session at the back of my house, no other lights other than that. Thank you.
  10. Hi Mr. Geoff, Yes, moon and planets is very good so far. But I've read somewhere people said we (earth) are racing away from those popular three until July (I think). So they will continue t shrink in size. Thanks for your constructive comment. Appreciate it very much. I will keep on going to experiment . Thank you
  11. Hi Mr. MathMog, Thanks for the comment. as for your 1st question, the images is full of white dots. I will try to upload it later. Right now, I'm thinking of to stick with my equipment for planetary and moons, while at the same time have to work out on the budget to purchase DSLR & SW Star Adventurer for DSO & nightscapes. What do you think? Is it too complicated having 2 different set up, one for planetary & moon and another one for DSO & nightscapes? Thank you.
  12. waruna

    Imaging with a Star Adventurer

    Really nice to see DSO's image from all of you guys. Makes me wanna own myself the setup. Some post here using Nikon D5300 which I'm planning to buy. Is the model good enough for beginner? If yes, can you guys help me list down all the 'must have' equipment in order to get started? Coz I believe my current equipment is only good for planetary imaging and brightest objects, not DSO or even nightscapes like Milky Way. So here's the list: DSLR (Nikon D5300) Star Adventurer Beside those 2 items, what else should I add in the list? Thank you in advance experts for your help.
  13. Actually, for starter, I don't mind getting dimmer object as long as can see the final result of the image .. As I said before, I think upgrading is not a right option, at least not until I can understand the whole process. Unless my equipment can't do anything even with planetary imaging, then I have no choice other than upgrading
  14. Maybe. I've read about the mount and few comments I read somewhere else suggests that it's better to upgrade to EQ mount, which I cannot afford to upgrade it yet due to budget constraint. So maybe until I totally understand how it works, then I can start the saving program But if it is stability issue, then is it fair to say that I have no chance what so ever to even do the nightscapes? Thank you.
  15. I guess I need to study more on the exp and gain setting using software like SharpCap. By the way, my SharpCap trial version has ended. Should I purchase the license or can you guys recommend me a good one for beginner like me? (free of paid don't matter) Thank you.

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