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  1. ooops wrong link HST NGC7000 by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr
  2. a reworked HST version Image13 by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr
  3. thats a very nice image, i agree M45 looks better with room to breathe
  4. It's nice of you to say so but I'm sure there are plenty of better ones out there. I'm currently reworking the HST version as I've only really had tonight to spend a decent amount of time on it
  5. Yes Steve they are pricey new but can be picked up for around £350 s/h and the performance per £ is stunning
  6. I use a 5 second looping exposure from the CCD in Artemis capture and get the FWHM as low as I can. Once I'm into the 0.70's I know I'm pretty much spot on I used a Canon a while ago but never with lenses
  7. The screws on the TS focus rings are plastic there not like guide rings that have metal screws
  8. The rings are brilliant perfect focus only takes a few mins. I have the 75mm rings and they fit just fine
  9. yes i use a tripod collar but i also had Gerd tap a 1/4 hole in the filter drawer so that i could mount it directly to a dovetail so that if i wanted to use a shorter lens i'd have a secure way to mount it all here's a pic to show the threaded hole on the drawer
  10. this is covered on the astrodon website under the FAQ's http://www.astrodon.com/Orphan/astrodonfaqnarrowband/#h13
  11. I started by removing all the stars from the ha Oiii stacked images this can be tricky so take your time. I then made a tonemap for each (basically a heavily stretched image that's then blurred) this is purely for the colour in the image as I then made a master luminance using the ha frame with a small amount of oiii added (15%) take your time with this part as it gives you all your detail Build the colour image HA = Red OIII = Green and Blue I then added the master lum in 3 stages 30%, 60% and then 100% with a small increase in saturation after each stage to stop the colour being washed out Tone mapping is a very powerful method for narrowband as it allows aggressive stretching without stars blowing out and noise can be ignored on the whole as you end up blurring the image Check it out from the master of the technique http://astroanarchy.blogspot.co.uk/2009/11/power-of-tone-mapping.html?m=1 he describes it better than I could
  12. Completely agree Dave a small sacrifice on resolution for a big increase in speed is worth it even more so when I think about the unpredictable UK weather
  13. Nice job Gina. I much prefer the non green version Imaging with camera lenses is great it's rekindled my love in the hobby as it had waned a little recently
  14. You can use this lens wide open with an Atik 383 from what I've seen from other users which has a bigger chip than your 460 so you'll be fine I reckon, hey there's only one way too find out You have to contact Gerd directly about the filter drawer and he will create an order with a link for payment
  15. Running it wide open is not an issue at all. No doubt the resolution would be slightly better at f/4 but I'm happy to sacrifice on that a little for the increase in speed
  16. i removed the -r and objs and it does at least start the solving but fails to solve the image will have to go over the instal tute again to see if i've done something wrong i'm using a 200mm lens with my atik and my FOV details are 2.57° x 1.92° can you confirm the indexes i need please my scale min is 0.96 and scale max 3.90 is this correct ?
  17. i get this error 2013-09-09 12:57:44,608 - astrotortilla - INFO - Solving... 2013-09-09 12:57:46,312 - astrotortilla - INFO - Reading input file 1 of 2: "50"... 2013-09-09 12:57:48,062 - astrotortilla - INFO - ERROR: Image type not recognized: Could not determine file type (does the file exist?): 50 2013-09-09 12:57:48,280 - astrotortilla - INFO - augment-xylist.c:585:backtick Failed to run command: /usr/lib/astrometry/bin/image2pnm.py --sanitized-fits-outfile /tmp/tmp.sanitized.EaKmJ4 --fix-sdss --infile 50 --uncompressed-outfile /tmp/tmp.uncompressed.4VdElZ --outfile /tmp/tmp.ppm.rmQhTa --ppm 2013-09-09 12:57:48,500 - astrotortilla - INFO - ioutils.c:605:run_command_get_outputs Command failed: return value 255 2013-09-09 12:57:48,500 - astrotortilla - INFO - No solution in 3.9s i use the file open dialog as i use artemis for capture any ideas ?
  18. Here's an Ha Oiii Oiii version as well NGC7000 Ha/Oiii/Oiii HDR by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr
  19. John, Malcolm, Chris, Michael and Dave thank you not sure about a mosaic but may add the pelican if i get a couple more clear nights while i'm on holiday, i've got a target in mind should it clear tonight but it will be a single filter night i think with longer exposures
  20. Thanks for the comments everyone for a single nights work I'm pretty pleased with the result if you mean the silver rings around the lens there not rings to hold the lens in place they are microfocus rings from here http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p3285_Microfocuser-and-focus-lock-fuer-camera-lenses-up-to-D-75mm.html and they are great if your going to image with fast lenses
  21. First light with my new 200mm Canon lens and Atik 314 20 x 5 min H-Alpha (Green) 15 x 5 min Oiii (Blue) 15 x 5 min Sii (Red) Running the lens wide open at f/2.8 is very cool, i should say this was processed at 4:30am after having to run into the garden to pack kit away when it started to pour with rain so it might be a bit rough around the edges NGC7000 Hubble V1 by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr first time using my Gerd Neumann filter drawer with EOS attachment which is a lovely bit of kit and really well made Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer with EOS attachment by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr 200mm Canon with Filter Drawer by Tokoloshe81, on Flickr
  22. thanks for the review John. Does the BGO suffer the same eye placement issue ?
  23. the rings in that picture are william optics cnc rings which you can get here http://www.firstligh...tube-rings.html you can also get Revelation versions of the same rings and save a few £'s http://www.telescope...Rings_90mm.html they are indentical. These rings are more stable than the stock rings your scope would have come with as they have multiple mounting holes and are of better quality but they are ultimately a bit of a luxury. Unless your having issues with your current tube rings that is ???
  24. Qhy5 and st80 is tried and tested and works very well I use my qhy5 with a finderscope and I find that works just as well. Dont write off the ED80 yes its blue channel might not be as well controlled as other scopes but then they can be alot more money. A quick search on this forum will find many fantastic images taken with ED80's, Martin_H used his with a QHY9 and produced very good images
  25. i've used a moonlight for over a year now and its work flawlessly everytime and i hang a fair amount of the back of mine ccd,fw,reducer etc. As with all products sometimes people get less than perfect units but on the whole moonlite have a very good reputation
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