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  1. Hi PhotoGav, I've been looking at the WO 71 Star and was wondering how you manage to attach the QSI683WSG?

    Was it mounted on to the M48 thread or did you use the 2" nosepiece / draw-tube on the scope?


    Good luck with the transit!!!


    1. PhotoGav


      Hi Zak, sorry, only just seen this message - you should direct message me for a swift reply! I attached the QSI to the M48 thread of the WO Star 71 via a slim adapter of some sort. I can't remember the exact details as it's been a while since I've used that scope, but I certainly didn't use a 2" nose piece. Good luck, Gav.

  2. zakky2k

    2017 New Years Session

    The clouds left way to crisp cold but clear skies from December 29th till Jan 3rd, allowing for a few chances to snap some pic during my Christmas break.
  3. zakky2k

    2015 December

    2 clear nights only...
  4. zakky2k

    Orion Rises

    From the album: 2015 December

  5. From the album: 2015 December

    5x 600s through Blue filter
  6. zakky2k

    2015 January

    New year, new filters, new photos!
  7. zakky2k

    NGC2237 RGB small

    From the album: 2015 January

    First attempt at narrowband, 10 minute subs in Ha O3 S2 3nm Astrodon filters. Clouds rolled in during the night, limiting esposures to: Ha 4x10 (Red) O3 3x10 (Blue) S2 2x10 (Green)
  8. Good to know! I've been considering some UV work for planetary imaging. It seems Venus starts showing some decent details at these wavelengths, but I'd really need to move up to bigger diameters/longer focal lengths to get the resolution. This comes back to your previous point about sensor size, there is always some compromise to be made! However I'm still satisfied with my choice and the camera performs great, I just wish there was a few more clear nights!
  9. Beautiful shot! I remember the Maxim help stating that the curve should be 30%-50% exposure, so assuming 1100D has a 14 bit sensor then the max value (i.e. burned out white) will be 16384. 50% of that is 8192...
  10. Hmm, did you try contacting the manufacturer with the sample flats to get their opinion, just in case it is a defect in the filters? I would still try capturing the flats with a natural source to ensure the filters aren't interfering with the specific light emitted from your panel. There is some similarity between the LRGB illumination/unevenness (i.e. top left corner). Did you try rotating your light box and observing the resulting flats? If any unevenness also rotates then there's an issue with the panel. Again, taking some flats outside using the clear blue sky (with simple cloth filter if
  11. Your Ha and OIII would benefit from flats to even out the dust motes and any other irregularities, but as others have said if they're all clean then using one flat for all filters can be considered, but I am curious why the artefact occurs with only those two filters? Does the Ha have a narrower bandwidth than the others or have some different physical properties to the others (thickness, mounted vs unmounted etc...) which could cause different reflections ? Were the exposures significantly longer or did you have to screen stretch more? Either could be highlighting the same properties that act
  12. Are your filters parfocal? If the SII and OIII are thicker could that contribute to the vignetting? It also looked like they were significantly dimmer, which lead me to wondering what light source you're using when taking the flats, and how do you ensure even illumination? Just thinking if the "problem" filters might be blocking that frequency causing the uneven illumination. If it's an artificial source try outside at dusk/dawn and vice versa... 7nm doesn't let much light through but clear sky would be enough while Its still bright enough or with longer exposure? Word has it Santa's deliveri
  13. zakky2k

    NGC6960 LRGB x300s

    From the album: 2014 - May

    A pleasing result given the limited exposure and subs. More subs and 10 min exposures would start to do it justice...
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