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  1. Hi Just thought I'd say dso astrophotography is not completely out of the question with your scope - I have the 250mm version and have managed a few OK shots. Check out the no-eq dso section in imaging for pointers. Here's one of mine of m31:
  2. Thanks for the tips Bolstered by Fabiens further stretching I had another go myself, but I think I may have reached the limit with regards to noise. I'm pretty proud of what I got and hopefully I can get more data next clear night
  3. Ok so I had another go at my M31 image This time I re-stacked adding in some of the 15s subs to give a total of 8m20s!! I have played around with curves and levels using gimp 2.9.5 and also tried adjusting the colour slightly - less red, more blue I think it looks better, but the core is still blown out and the edges are now getting a lot of noise coming in - looks like I need more data (if only it would stop raining)
  4. Thanks for all the tips and support. I'll have a go at processing again in GIMP 2.9 using curves rather than levels and see what I can get. Hopefully I'll get another clear night soon - I think I can probably push the mount to 15s subs if I get the tracking spot on, that plus more data should help. Might also try some other targets - only really went for m31 as it was easy to get in frame using my finder Thanks again
  5. Having been inspired by what I've seen here, and eventually getting a clear night. I dusted off the t-ring adapter for the 250 goto dob and had a stab at m31 Just over 7mins worth of 10s subs at 3200iso on an eos 70d Not edited much, just had a quick play with the levels in gimp
  6. Another vote for Turn Left at Orion - great book. The latest edition is spiral bound (perfect for using in the field) and has realistic sketches of what to expect to see through different scopes along with descriptions of targets and how to find them Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for advice - next time its clear I'm planning to get back out and have an other go. Downloaded BackyardEOS yesterday (30day free trial so probably 30days of cloud). Thinking I will try and get alot more subs and some darks/flats Was also wondering if anyone had any suggestions for other targets that I might be able to image, bearing in mind the short length of the subs due to AZ mount Many thanks again
  8. Thanks for the comments - was trying out the new camera my wife gave me for Christmas (EOS 70D). Not sure how many dark frames to take - I know they should be the same exposure as the sub's and at the same temp, but is one enough? Also how do I go about taking flats and again how many? Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  9. Thought I would share my first go at imaging M42 with my 250mm DOB Limited to taking 5s sub's - so as a test image I took 5x5s at iso 3200 and stacked with deep sky stacker Any comments/advice would be welcome Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks for the tip, will try 20s next time it's clear (so maybe December). Will also be good and take dark frames this time. Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
  11. First attempt, but managed to get something recognisable as M31 Canon EOS 300D 30s @ ISO 3200 Skyliner 250PX GoTo Dob
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