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Moon 2010-10-17


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From my back garden using my monster russian mirror and a huge amount of sharpening. I have come to the conclusion that my tripod is the problem with sharpness.

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Nice shot Martyn. Could be seeing that is holding you back. The moon looked like it was under water last night at 9pm.

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You may be right russ, however it looked very sharp in the viewfinder, but awfully muddy in the unprocessed shot. I had the mirror locked up and self timer on, so the only thing I can think is either mirror shake, or dirty sensor. I know the sensor has dust on it, but I don't feel it is smeared with anything. I hope :icon_salut:

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That's a great shot martyn. As russ said, the seeing conditions last night were a bit murky.


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Martyn, one question: have you tried stacking multiple image? I used to put the 300D into continuous shoot mode and blast away. Capture 30-40 images, pick out the best and then stack those.

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I've always had trouble getting really good moon shots. Nothing's ever beaten my first proper attempt with the 1200mm f/9.5 Achromat I started out with...even the C11, though it got me a lot closer, never seemed to produce really sharp images. Stacking does help a lot though.

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