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Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus & Arzachel
© Steve Curling 2016

Ptolemaeus, Alphonsus & Arzachel


Not been out with the moon in a while, and picked up a new devices to mess around with...so this is first light of the 174mm. Been saving for one of these for quite a while. Specifically purchased for Lunar / Planetary (and solar with correct filtering), and paired with my setup for the optimum resolving power. Seeing was average, though deteriorated by midnight. I only have a couple of shots out of the 100GB of data collected that are of any use. I must have hit a three minute odd window of calmness to get this. Feels like I have gone back to the beginning again when I first picked up a ZWO camera. The controls in the capture software were slightly different...so will need to practice. This is 304 frames from 3067, running at around 64 frames per second. This 47 second AVI created a file 7.22GB in size (so the need for large and fast hard drives becomes clear!) So here it is....quite a lot in this one. The main features are the three craters of Ptolmemaeus (93 miles), Alphonsus (71 miles) & Arzachel (59 miles). Good views of Arzachel's terraced and tormented walls. The volcanic past of Alphonsus shows nicely with the three darker 'spots' around the vents easily visible against the monotone surrounding lava. Bottom right has the famous 'Straight wall' fault feature (60 odd miles long and up to a kilometre n height). The dome like central peak of Alpetragius also is well resolved. Captured in oaCapture, stacked in Autostakkert2, processed in Registax6 and finished in Photoshop. Equipment: Celestron Edge1100HD, CGEMDX mount, ZWO ASI174mm camera, x2 barlow. Thanks for looking!


© Steve Curling 2016
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