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Crater Janssen (inc Vallis Rheita)


Well out of the captures I took on Tuesday night, only 1 or 2 are worth progressing. This one is of the interesting area around Janssen. North is to the left hand side of the image. This includes the second largest reticlinear feature (Vallis Rheita) at around 303 miles long, and 18 miles at its widest. This is just starting to fall into darkness. Janssen the main crater in view is around 115miles in diameter. it contains its own Rimae (named after the crater) which can be seen in this image. One of the craters that has crushed part of Janssen is Fabricius (off centre) and is around 47 miles in diameter, and 7600 feet in depth. This has the two parallel central mountain chains, which I think has some nice details on in this capture. Equipment: Celestron Edge1100HD mounted on a CGEMDX, using a ZWO174mm with a 642 BP IR filter. The AVI was 2467 frames, of which 233 were stacked. Captured using OAcapture, stacked in As2, sharpened in RS6, finished in PS5. Thanks for looking

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