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  2. You may have noticed that we have created a new heading, above the banner, called 'Clubs'. The plan is to move all the existing social groups and observatories to this new area. Currently there are 17 different groups some more active than others. You need to advise me, in this thread, whether you wish your social group to be moved, otherwise the group will be closed and archived. I look forward to hearing from someone within group for us to take necessary admin action.
  3. Has a have said before winscar res at the Pennine sailing club dunford bridge
  4. Is S36 area any use to you or is it too far Ooo do tell. S36 is very manageable for me To the OP. Keep an eye out on the Old Moor RSPB reserve website. They sometimes have Astro nights on the reserve and there is a couple of spots near the reserve that are open 24/7.
  5. I used to live in Thurnscoe, orange haze was a problem at times but better than some places. I’ve had good views from my east facing back garden there even though there was an industrial estate a little southwards (and it was definitely darker than Birmingham where I grew up!) ? Ive had some really great views in the Peak District (take a tent for the weekend?) and the S36 area as suggested above I’ve heard by others is good. Never tried though. I think you’ll have to travel to get something really different, but odd areas can be darker than others if you get a bit higher - head over
  6. WADAS meet at horbury academy tomorrow night at 7.30pm and it's only 35 mins from skellow
  7. HI, I would be interested in this. Im in Skellow by the A1, so thats a pain for not seeing very much at all. Is there anyone over my neck of the woods that can suggest anywhere?
  8. Hi Look at the yorkshire posts for WADAS There are a few of us that might be local To you and we have meet ups at winscar res At dunford bridge Neil
  9. Sheffield Astronomical Society is thriving at its new address: The Ranmoor Parish Centre, 5 Ranmoor Park Road, Sheffield S10 3GX. While that is not an observing site, night time observing sessions take place at various locations including the sports field behind the Sportsman Inn, Redmires Road, Sheffield. Solar observing takes place at the Sheffield Botanical Gardens. Our home website is : https://www.sheffieldastro.org.uk/
  10. ALL THE Best for 2014 Plenty of dark clear skies to come hopefully Chez/Malc
  11. Flippin' government! I wish I could join the society, but I never have the time . David
  12. well guys not long now ;o) winter is coming looking forward to dark,crisp winter nights and clear skies and trying out my new telescope o/h bought me for my birthday in June not been out of the box yet ;o( Chez
  13. What's the USS Enterprise is going to do about it? liking your uniform, Patrick.
  14. Sad times indeed. Mayfield was used by lots of people and groups and will be sadly missed.
  15. Hope it works out for you... Just mention Brian Cox, their ears will [removed word] up then !
  16. There is a chance the council will allocate us some space for possibly an observatory and space for viewing nights so all might not be lost. Just need to find a new place for meetings etc.
  17. It's a crying shame but unfortunately, in these cash-strapped times, this is sort of thing happening more and more as charities, councils and education establishments find their funding drying up. Three years ago we (Worcester Astronomical Society) were forced to move from the local university when we were informed that our room hire costs was going to triple. I wish you best of luck finding a new venue.
  18. Can you not try to obtain use of part if the site from the council...? Start a petition. I'll sign it
  19. Unfortunately Sheffield City Council have decided to close the Mayfield Enviromental centre, which is where the society meets. The dark sky there is the biggest loss. Hopefully the society can find somewhere new to meet. http://www.sheffieldastro.org.uk/
  20. This is Now Booked for Fri 18Th-20Th Oct 2013 This is 2 weekends before Halloween To book on this rally please post on this thread. No deposit is required just a commitment Paying: Malc will collect your site fees Saturday,no need to go to the office,Just pull on the field to your right. Cost of meet £9.50 per night with electric.this is for caravans and tents. £8 for tents without Ehu. Also you can arrive on the Thursday but tell owner you are with stargazers weekend The rally field is grassed and level. Toilets and showers are available. Ehu, water and waste disposal on site. Note This site

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