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I confess

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March 30th, 2011

Last night was my 51st time acclimating and using my telescope. I must confess something, I have been a bad astronomer. You see, telescopes have no magic to them. However, like many illusionists, they work with mirrors. Once in awhile (about every two months or so) or according to need, the user makes sure that these mirrors are indeed aligned properly. In true astronomical terms, this is called collimation. I confess, all this time,... I have never done it. sad.png

If truth be known, like a neurosurgeon attempting to "make that first cut", I have been quite intimidated by the whole ordeal. However, I have waited long enough and it had to be done. I attempted to check the alignment of the mirrors last night but deep down inside, I knew I didn't have to. This was long time overdue.

I called the store I usually deal with for my astronomical needs for three reasons today:

  1. The telescope I had ordered to use during the summer had not arrived yet. It had been exactly one month since I had made the order.
  2. My new Barlow lens had not been delivered either.
  3. I wanted to order a little jewel that would make my collimation experience less painful, a Hotech Laser Collimator.

Now, why on earth would I order from this particular seller again if I had waited so long for my previous items? I've dealt with him before and he's always been dependable. He apologized over and over again stating that he had not received the items from his supplier yet. Why don't I go directly to the supplier myself? My passion for astronomy is still in it's infancy stages making suggestions / recommendations greatly appreciated. As I learn, I believe that I will feel more secure with my purchases in the future. However, when it came to the collimator, the seller actually congratulated me stating, "that it was indeed the best".

Collimation was near to impossible last night. At first I thought that my eyesight was still giving me trouble because of my latest MS relapse but in the end, it had nothing to do with my own vision at all,... the humidity levels were extremely high making any clear image impossible.

So here I sit waiting for my purchased items to make their way to the isolated north. The Barlow is greatly needed since the one I have been using all of this time, has developed a crack (I never dropped it so assume that this was caused by the differences of heat and cold over time). I also wait impatiently for the collimator.

The neurosurgeon has been far too patient and an incision is due.




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I hope you get your kit delivered soon Isabelle..(same name as my three year old Grand daughter..but her's is spelt with an 'O'... Isobelle). I must admit I share the same trepidations as you with the collimating of my Newt. I've got a Laser and a Cheshire and STILL I baulk at the idea....but...like you say, "It must be done!!!".....Clear skies to you mon ami and give that half wolf a pat for me!!!

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hi well mine took me about 5/6 hours till a decided i was do in it wrong ,to much coffee and two headache tablets later. i started again re read the book that came with the chesire for the 1,000 time and did it the 2nd mirror was my prob ,god knows how a seen any thing at all a quick star check that night a little tweak and now its A1. and i now enjoy checking it before a start my night am just be in **** a think with it, but its like riding a bike once you of and away you never forget, a wish my caryford problems were easier to sort out

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Thanks Patrick and Todd!

I need to do it once and then I'll be fine but like I said, it's like a surgeon making that first cut. The big "what ifs" bother me. Fiddling with the mirrors sounds so intimidating but a girl has to do what girl has to do!


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Hi be brave ! the main mirror is the easy one, just do what i did ,once a loosened the locking screws put 2 pencil marks, one on the screw that moves the mirror and one on theside of the plate and number them all so that you no which is which then do a bit of a turn at a time and if all fails you can put them back were they was.o i hear on the grape vine that some times them lazer ones need readjust in some times,with the size of your scope it be in of a little will not be to bad

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Hi ,it could be worse i was turning the locking nuts for about a hour ,thinking these were the mirror ones a even posted a helpme in one of the forums ,a felt a real turkey when a realised a was do in it wrong, a m waiting for your results am interested in the one of them laser ones because the tube lenght of my scope makes it hard with a standard cheshire ,elisha normal turns the adjust screwws for me a little at a time and we have it down to a fine art now thanks pat

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Hi Isabella, yeah i was cacking my self when i did mine, with a cheshire, but when you have done it twice, and you know what to look out for it easy.

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