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what eyepicece for saturn

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i took a pic of saturn last night 17/04/11 about 04.00

my first picture of saturn

skywatcher 150p relector telescope taken with 10mm eyepiece no filter

camera panasonic DMC-FS9 Campact

have use the wrong eyepiece i tryed the 2*barlow lens could not see saturn only seen in 10mm eyepiece


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The 150P has a focal length of 750mm so the 10mm eyepiece will give you 75x magnification, using a barlow will double that but will (as you found) reduce the field of view and really needs tracking to get a good shot.

To get really large images of the planets you need a scope with a long focal length so that you can get the high magnification to do so. This is where Scmitt or Mak's come into their own.

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I'm not an imager but I believe it is best to webcam the planets and moon for two reasons. The first is as they are bright objects, long exposures are not required to capture faint light that is associated with galaxies and nebula etc. Secondly, because the magnification required to show them of sufficient size in the eyepiece, will also reveal our turbulent atmosphere which will cause the image to distort and moved around preventing precise focus and a still image. Hence the need for a webcam as many frames can be taken quickly and using a program like "Deep Sky Stacker" (which is free) will stack the best frames on top of each to construct a good composite image. It is possible to take a picture for example of the moon with one frame if you happen to release the shutter are precisely the correct moment but I suspect that you might be attempting that all night. You might want to post a question over on the imaging section for a more qualified answer or some tips on how to improve your magnification.

Clear skies


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thanks guys for adivice ect i as isues with legs back i cant go to heavy,i am keeping for how i want to astrophotos so will need Scmitt or Mak'sup to in the a year or so , i try the 2+ barlows lens + 25m lens last night i have street lights where i look at Saturn which does not help

took this movie on youtube

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