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  1. HI guys i have try to take a pic of moon last night 4/5/12 taken with my dig cam and skywatcher 150p
  2. cook478

    Super Moon 4/05/12

    moon taken at about 20:00 on 4 may still daytime sky watcher 150p just got a 32m mead 5000 eyepiece panasonic DMC-F59 digcam
  3. cook478

    1st pic with new scope

    cook478 09/04/11 about 22.00 at night my first picture of moon skywatcher 150p relector telescope taken with 25mm eyepice +2x barlow lens no filter camera panasonic DMC-FS9 Campact
  4. cook478

    cookie shots

  5. great drawing Mark well done
  6. very nice great work it some i might do too
  7. hi brill i think i would i like try this as it as apeal to me
  8. yes i know how you feel when i got my sp150p it great feeling
  9. thanks guys for adivice ect i as isues with legs back i cant go to heavy,i am keeping for how i want to astrophotos so will need Scmitt or Mak'sup to in the a year or so , i try the 2+ barlows lens + 25m lens last night i have street lights where i look at Saturn which does not help took this movie on youtube
  10. i took a pic of saturn last night 17/04/11 about 04.00 my first picture of saturn skywatcher 150p relector telescope taken with 10mm eyepiece no filter camera panasonic DMC-FS9 Campact have use the wrong eyepiece i tryed the 2*barlow lens could not see saturn only seen in 10mm eyepiece
  11. hi good luck i just got a skywatcher 150p 2 weeks ago i am loving it so i know will feel enjoy it as an a newie too been reading at lot about it
  12. hi welcome to the forum and a scotman ,Falkirk
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