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My Sky Peeping Set Up

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This is the Telescope we have bought

Bresser Venus 76mm Reflector Telescope

The 76mm/700mm-

35x to 262x, Reflector

Bresser Venus Telescope comes with 3 Eyepieces. 20mm 12.5mm 4mm.

Viewfinder Scope (Red LED),

Erecting Lens 1,5x

we were surprised the images we could see with it.

can we buy more powerfull lenses for it,we view with the barlow lense to increase the magnification.

Could we buy more powerfull lenses or is it a case of buy a better Telescope when we become more accustomed to viewing the night sky.

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You can get better eyepieces for it - you will need to budget around £20-£30 per eyepiece to ensure you get something a bit better than the supplied ones. I'm assuming that the scope will take the 1.25" size eyepieces in saying this.

I would not use the erecting lens for astronomy use as it just adds more glass which will degrade the quality of the images for no purpose - all astro newtonian scopes show an inverted image.

You maximum useful magnification will be around 120x so don't believe the 262x quoted - it won't be any use at that power I'm afraid.

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I think what I'd advise is to use the scope a bit more and see which of the supplied eyepieces works well for you - that's a good guide then on which ones to replace.

If the scope gives you enough to get you hooked on the hobby, I reckon you will pretty quickly want to go for a more capable scope (budget around £150-£200 or more for that) so you may want to hold back on further investments until you reach that point.

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