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  1. Hi jahmanson thanks for getting back to me,what would you advise on the eye piece sizes, if you say not to use the barlow lense?
  2. This is the Telescope we have bought Bresser Venus 76mm Reflector Telescope The 76mm/700mm- 35x to 262x, Reflector Bresser Venus Telescope comes with 3 Eyepieces. 20mm 12.5mm 4mm. Viewfinder Scope (Red LED), Erecting Lens 1,5x we were surprised the images we could see with it. can we buy more powerfull lenses for it,we view with the barlow lense to increase the magnification. Could we buy more powerfull lenses or is it a case of buy a better Telescope when we become more accustomed to viewing the night sky.
  3. I would love to attend a meeting in the area as i live in Tipton
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    Hello all,just thought i would post something on here as i am new to the forum. my wife and i have bought a telescope after watching a series on tv with prof Brian Cox,we were amazed to see what we could view in the night sky and took the plunge and bought a entry level telescope. We were surprised at the views we could see, i am hoping for clear skies over the next few days so i can try and navigate the sky at night and find the certain stars and hopefully some planets. Looking forward to posting some questions and reading the other threads on this site.
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