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250 First Light- 3/4/2011-9pm

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Finally managed to get outside with my home made dob mount and new Explorer 250P DS last night.......and my my was it worth the wait!!:D

The mount performed better than I expected it with it being pretty smooth indeed when locating and scaning the skies....really do look forward to getting the NEQ6 tho :rolleyes:

Had a good look at M42 first,looking very crisp and detailed in the 40mm with a good view of all in the EP...even looked as though there was a very faint hint of green hue....down to the 10mm and there was definately a tinge of green but what a lovely sight. Something so easily visible and easily located and viewed but still everytime looked upon it's a beauty!:D

Hopped across Easterly to take in the Beehive cluster,again remarkably clean and crisp and very good detail indeed...just viewed in the 40mm as not to lose the wide detail view.

Set myself the task of finding M51 next so back and forth to my Turn Left At Orion book and after an hour of searching for it I'm still not able to say I've viewed it which was very frustrating to say the least but gives me the challenge yet again when I get out again!!

Then turned my attention to Saturn as it had by then risen above the conifers and i have to say all the frustrations of M51 soon went after capturing Saturn...now like most I've seen Saturn a few times since I started this amazing hobby but to see it with a 10mm Barlowed was something else and even through my 'low end budget' 10 mm and barlow I was still mesmerised and blown away at the same time (btw has anyone else noticed they've started dribbling whilst aghast at the EP view?????:icon_eek:).... that bit bigger in the EP and that little more detail than I expected just left me in awe once again and reminded me that even the simplest of tasks can leave you humbled with your place on earth!

So that was my first light...if you're still reading AND still awake :D i thank you for reading and after reading other posts and threads I think my birthday present in June is going to be a Hyperion24mm!!!:D

Many thanks for reading and wishing you all clear skies


Apologies for any typo's and poor grammar....trying to type as quick as poss!!!:D

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