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  1. Happy new year everyone

  2. I fear the only shower I will see will involve soap on a rope and a loofah
  3. Back on the scene after a hectic time....Hi all

  4. Happy Mothers day to the Mothers and to tha Daddy's that have to be Mommy too :)

  5. Bonjour Dan Welcome to SGL Gaz
  6. Morning and welcome to SGL Baggywrinkle....my first lesson of today Gaz
  7. Hi David and welcome to SGL I'll be looking out for your photographs on here. Good luck and wishing you clear skies Gaz
  8. Hi Matti Welcome to SGL Gaz
  9. I want a cameraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... :sad: :sad:
  10. Hi Mister T.......Happy new scope and bring on the clear skies
  11. I just keep my hands in my pockets....then shout the Doris to come type next target into the handset........
  12. Hi and welcome to SGL Gaz
  13. Hi Edo and welcome to SGL. I've left the scope out to cool many a time only to come out and find the sky has turned a very dull and depressing grey....que mumbling to myself with a face as long as a wet weekend as i pack all my stuff back up to put away!!!!! Wishing you clear skies Gaz
  14. Wow.....another Wednesburytonian........Welcome to SGL
  15. Cloudy here too......was really hoping to get out and finish setting up the mount on the pier.......
  16. Nice one mate. I saw some spectacular stratus and nimbostratus formations moving slowly across the bino view!!!!!!! Gaz
  17. Well we've got no chance of that at the moment
  18. Thanks James......expensie game this telescopesolarplanetaryimagingobservingmount thingy malarky.......isnt it! Gary
  19. Thank you all very much. I read somewhere that the hole in the end cap is for assisting in solar viewing....is this right?? But solar film is the way forward i see clearly(without filters ) I have thought of another scope so maybe i'll go far a smaller one for this. My scope is the full tube PDS by the way Gaz
  20. Just a little update.......decided to get the long+lat bolts adjusted whilst i was waiting so asked a good friend on mine if he could do anything with them(no he didn'y put them in the bin!!!)....but this is what he has done........i suggested he could market the idea!! I think they look pretty smart. Was just a case of using the old bolt but machining a 'better' and 'easier' adjustment knob. Need the snow to do one now so i can 'attempt' polar alignment and get started!!!!! Most likely be June now!!
  21. Bigdaddyjeff


    From the album: Pier build

  22. Bigdaddyjeff


    From the album: Pier build

  23. Bigdaddyjeff


    From the album: Pier build

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