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Scope bag / storage

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After a recommendation off this forum I decided to get a Go Explore bag from Argos to store / transport my Skywatcher 150p OTA.

The bag is just the right size for the 750mm tube, but is rather flimsy and poorly padded so I've lined it with a thin ply box to give it structure. I'm still using the original polystyrene packing but this will be replaced with some suitable sponge.

The bag has a carry handle, shoulder strap and pull out handle and wheels. With the ply lining it's quite heavy but does protect the scope.

As can be seen from the image the end pocket is just big enough for a copy of Turn left at Orion :D.


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Good job with the ply. That looks neat.

I do believe it was my original post that highlighted this bag as a possibility for the 150P. It's size is perfect for the 150P and even better at £10 cheaper.

I used the original polystyrene OTA packaging to protect each end of the scope and I constructed some Toblerone shaped supports out of cardboard to keep them the same distance apart. in the bottom of the bag I have the tripod with the mount sitting on top of it and some sheets of bubble wrap and some padded envelopes filled with padding to help protect each component.

I also have a small camera carry bag (SEE HERE FOR EXAMPLE) for the mount weights. and the eyepieces are currently in their original box, which slides in the main bag between the OTA and mount.

I purchased a 100g pouch of silica gel off ebay for a few quid. I threw this in the bag to help absorb any moisture around the scope when in storage.

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Yes, it was your post, thank you, bargain at £19.99.

It's a pity there isn't a longer version as there's plenty of room for a bigger diameter scope.

As I've got a Transit van I can leave the mount / tripod made up and just pop it in the back with a couple of bungee straps.

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