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  1. Does anyone know if the stock lens kit that comes with the Canon 100D - 18-55mm - is any good for astrophotography? Ideally, I wish to use it for wide field imaging (star trails, constellations, milky way, etc...)
  2. Download the latest version of Registax, it is much better. I tend not to mess with the options much, but the drizzling basically gives me an image twice as large so it ideal for the VGA webcam output. I think it's an option on the stacking tab. You just tick the box and leave the default setting of 0.5 and it works out well. Registax is much better than DSS for planet work. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. yeah... between my first capture and last (about an hour), those 2 spots moved about a quarter across the face of the planet. It has such a fast rotation does Jupiter.
  4. Hi yes it was all with the original kit. I processed the image in Photoshop to bring a little of the sharpness back out so this probably countered any issues caused by the barlow. Could do with a higher mag barlow to be honest. Had a 5x before but it was too much for my scope and images were very poor.
  5. hi guys... here is my first attempt at Jupiter from 1st October @ 23:30.
  6. have you managed to test this camera yet?
  7. ok so I have Philips SPC880 webcam, flashed and modded. But it's only VGA quality and I was looking online and found there is a Microsoft Lifecam Cinema webcam that records in HD. Anyone used both of these cameras and can offer a comparable opinion??
  8. Just thought to mention that these large wheeled holdalls are now on offer at half price - £17.49 Buy Go Explore Extra Large Wheeled Holdall at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Garment carriers and trolley holdalls.
  9. the camera firmware is limited to 15s expsoures. CHDK allows for longer custom exposure times.
  10. here is my first attempt with my new canon powershot a480 with CHDK installed on the sd card (to allow for programming of the camera - long exposures, continuous shooting). This image is about 65 stacked images. levels adjusted in PS to bring out the fainter stars. All in all, not bad for a 30 quid camera.
  11. Hello, I have a canon A480 10mp compact digital and I have CHDK installed on the SD card which allows me to take long exposures. Just wondering what sorts of settings I should be using for widefield/star captures? obviously, anything longer than 60s will generate star trails so will probably have to keep the exposures <40s, but what about ISO and white balance andother common settings? all advice welcome.
  12. My garden view is blocekd by buildings on the south side so I miss the moon at its highest point in the sky. I tend to catch it later during moonset to the west but thats not great for astrophotography. thanks for the tips on OS maps. one of the biggest issues I have with finding a site is leaving the car out of sight.
  13. yeah I tried th google map technique. very handy. The only problem is it doesn't show contours and altitude changes. I found a great spot nearby, but it's right next to a sheer drop. Not somewhere I want to be messing around in the dark. viewing moon, yes best done at home, problem is the houses get in the way for the most part.
  14. Hello all, I usually head out of the city to do my observing, but this is far from ideal as I tend to end up in places that seem to attract alcoholic youths and doggers - particularly on full moons when everyone seems to be out and about at night, just wandering around the countryside. But last week we got our first allotment site, which as it happens is securely locked off to the outside world and contains no immediate lighting. Once we get our plot established, I might look at turning a small cornerof the plot in to a flat stable place idea for a scope. Has anyone else used their allotment for this? I know that's not what they're there for, but its a great use of the space after the sun goes down and more often than not, completely secluded.
  15. a little out of focus but much better than my first attempt. Its not easy to focus the webcam so good effort. keep it up.
  16. For colouring the torch glass if you don't have any red acetate or film. Bit messy though.
  17. Terminator over Mare Imbrium:
  18. Hello, Now I have a mount and tracking motor, I want to return to widefield imaging of constellations. I'm looking for digital cameras with shutter speeds of up to 60s (or even bulb mode). Having a remote shutter facility would be useful but not important (can use the timer instead). Anyone have any suggestions on suitable cameras? Budget is low, on about £30 - £80. ?
  19. This is no where near long enough, but you want to be looking for something along these lines. Underbed storage boxes or end of bed storage chests. IKEA | Beds | Bed storage | ODDA | Storage box with castors
  20. I love the earthy colour. well done.
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