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Universe - A Journey to The Edge of The Cosmos


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I finally got my birthday present the other day and it's the subject book by Nicolas Cheetham. It's a few years old now for this kind of thing but at 2008 it's still got loads and loads of fantastic images.

The book takes the reader on a journey from earth to the edge of the universe - or back in time to the Big Bang depending how you look at it. The first chapter deals with our solar system with stunning shots of all the planets, lots of the moons and other objects that float around part of the universe. Disappointingly the images of the sun aren't that great but there's some fantastic shots of Jupiter and the other planets.

The next chapter deals with our galaxy and the zillions of star nursaries. Of course a lot of the images are the same we see on SGL but a brief the write up of each object and the order they are placed in increasing distance certainly puts things into perspective. There's also a heap of really great PN images.

The next part goes outside our galaxy and into the rest of the universe. There's the usual awesome shots of beautiful spiral galaxies and all of the other objects we often see showcased by Hubble.

The last chapter is the edge of the universe and the reader is taken out to 13.4 billion light years away or 13.4 billion years ago! It's truelly mind boggling stuff. Overall a great book and a good one to spend hours flicking through and marvelling at the wonders of the universe.:)


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