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Modding a DSLR


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I've just purchased a 300d from e-bay cheap. No lense and the autofocus doesn't work but apart from that its fully functional. My intention was to get it modded ie removal of IR blocking filter. However I have 2 questions if anyone can help ...

- How easy is this mod to do yourself ? Saving about £200 !!

- Will I end up with a red cast to all astrophotos post mod and is the processing different ?

- Do I get the filter removed or replaced with a different one ??

Ok that's 3 questions sorry ...

Any help / experience with these matters appreciated



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This is one of the many modification guides on the web.. I always tend to follow Gary Honis's mod schemes...

Canon Digital Rebel 300D IR Filter Removal Modification and Peltier Cooling Plans -by Gary Honis

Dont try and save the origianl filter you will spend ages trying to gently remove it only for it to go ping at the end..

If your only going to use the camera for astro then you could go for filter removal rather than filter replacement but seeing as your using a refractor you would ideally then want to get UV/IR cut back into the optical train somewhere to help stop bloated stars...

If you may want to use it for widefield with standard camera lenses then you might want to consider filter replacement and this would also take care of the UV/IR problem...

Post processing doesn't change that much really same sort of rules apply just you'll have more of the lovley red stuff to paly with in Ha rich targets...


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Cheers Billy,

I take it you have done this mod on your own camera ?

is it easy ? I'm not a complete idiot with electrical/electronic stuff but I don't want to **** it up beyond all recognition either. As I understand it it is a fiddly process ?

I think the best option from what you say is to go for a filter replacement as I do like to do widefield stuff too. Where do I get a replacement filter and what type ?



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I have done the odd one or two...

The older cams need you to desolder the sheilding before you can get at the imaging unit...

Modern Astronomy stock the Baader replacement filter...

Baader filters @ Modern Astronomy

£66.00 for the 300D... you will also want some neutral cure silicone for fitting the new filter...

Print out a copy of the online guide and get a compartment box and anti static back... work inside a bowl or baby bath.. easier then trying to find a miniscule dropped screw in the pile of the carpet..

Peace and quiet is essential - I used to set an alarm for 4 am whenever I was modding cams as then I had a few hours without anyone else around...

Number the compartments and put the parts removed at each stage into the corresponding compartment... double check you have completed everythign at each stage and then tick it off on the print out...

Once its all done and its time to put it back together tick of each stage as its completed...

Take your time dont rush and work methodically and it should be ok...


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The later Canon cameras were fairly easy to modify, as the ribbon cables could be catch released and extracted. I'm not certain, but I think there may well be some unsoldering to do on the 300D, so care will be needed, especially when re soldering.

I've only modded the 1000D, so I'm going on heresay regarding the 300D. Anyway, some wiser member will let you know for sure.


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Thanks Guys, Thats great advice.

I think I'll give it a go. The camera was only £65 anyway so it's not as scary in that sense. I'm looking foreward both to doing it and seeing the results.

I'm still not sure about the way it will effect star colour though given that if used normally for daytime use after the mod with no WB alteration the pictures would have a red cast and reds would be pink !! Or have I got this wrong ? I don't intend to use it for normal photography though, but I still want star colour to appear natural if possible. What do you guys do to get around this issue ?

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