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Hàhnel Giga T Pro Wireless Shutter Release!

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Fantastic device, hooked up to my Nikon D300 and allows me to take an infinite (well excluding battery and memory card capacity) number of shots through my camera with a pre-set interval and exposure time.

Works through walls, so I can now shot via the comfort of my house, or just let it shoot away until I turn it off.

However I am just wondering if anyone has got one of these and has found a way for it to work with mUP (Mirror Up) mode on their Nikon, or even Canon camera?

Otherwise it simply will try to fire a "bulb" shot for 30s, the mirror goes up and then stays up for 30s, then repeats and will actually take a shot, and then repeats the process, if I am taking 10 minute exposures, I don't want or need the mirror locked up for 10 minutes prior to each shot!

If there is no way to program in a say 5s mUP, how "important" is having the mirror up for vibration reduction?

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Sounds like a neat gadget...

The trick with canons is to use the self timer as well as the timer and add the selftimer duration to the exposure you want...

Mirror Lock... Depends on what your imaging and how solid the mount is... If theres a bright "target" in the FOV and the exposures are only a few seconds long and your shooting long FL on a wobbly tripod then yes maybe its worth it...

But when your shooting 5-10min subs and the socpe + Pier + foundations weights the best part of 1000kg then I dont think the mirror moving is going to have much of an effect...


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I use a chinese cabled attachment for interval timing, set and forget. I don't understand the mirror-up question . If you turn off noise reduction it removes the auto-dark exposure so removing the second image acquisition and means I can take a 5 min image every 5 minutes.

I also use the exposure delay function of the camera to perform the top hat trick for stable camera during imaging.

What I would like is the ability to do this through a cable attached to the PC for exposures more than 30 secs lons. I am aware there is a remote wireless unit/serial port hack but i want something more clean. I am using a Nikon D5000 for this.


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