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How big is a telescope?

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Simple Question, I hope.

What is the minimum space you need to operate something like an 8 to 11 inch SCT plus an ED80 on an NEQ6 Pro?

Just getting the bug again after giving up astronomy last century.

I am planning what to buy and where to put it.

That would be ground footprint and height.

I have read just about every DIY observatory site (there are hundreds and none quite right for me) on the web and have come up with a sliding roof Pent shed idea.

My site has a lot of restrictions hence I need to find out how small a space I could get away with.

Thanks in advance.

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well, i havenb't really measured, but..

i have an 8" + HEQ5, and need a minimum of around 2*2m to be able to operate it. EQ6 is only a tiny bit larger. But the difference between 8" and 11" can be quite a bit, so i'd say you'd need roughly 1.5*1.5m for storage, and 2.5*2.5m for usage. with less then that, you'd probably get problems getting around the scope in several positions.

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Bigger is better, a tiny working space might be technically feasible but is a nuisance ... and you are more likely to accidentally hit things whilst working, spoiling images etc. by the vibration caused. 2 metres (6.5 feet) diameter would probably be OK if you're just using the obs for sheltering the scope when not in use & only going in to start it up etc. when working "robotically" - perhaps with an attached "warm room" for yourself & computers - but 3 metres (10 feet) diameter would be much better if you're using the scope visually.

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My obsy (see link here) is 6' x 8' and houses a pier-mounted NEQ6 with a 250mm Newtonian, with a useful desktop area. Bit of a squeeze, but works for me, and your SCT would take up less space than my big Newt. (n.b. the puctures on the link show my original 200mm Newt on an HEQ5, so there is even less space now! Here's a pic showing the current setup)

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