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I have bought a Heritage 130p and I am very pleased with it, but have a few questions.

The first is that when using the telescope in cold conditions and it cools it appears to run out of focus adjustmen, The lenses both 25mm and 10 mm need to be screwed in as far as possible to get things in focus. When I set things up in warmer daytime conditions there was plenty of adjustment each side of focus, and images appeared to be very sharp. I can get over the problem by reducing the focal length by not fully extending the telescope, is this normal. Also on very bright stars there is an amount of flaring like a comets tail, can this be reduced.

I have sent for a Cheshire eyepiece to check the collimation but through a home made cap it seems relatiely ok. However when I put things out of focus I dont see a classic set of rings more of a circular web type pattern. Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

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I have the same scope, bought a couple of months ago. I have had a couple of uses out of and I dont beleive i have any of the problems you have mentioned above. I am also going to purchase a collimator to make sure the alignment is correct but am pretty sure its all ok.

However i have noticed a couple of the alignment screws on the bottom are loose, going to check this when i get a collimator though.

Personally i would go with gedmac and say it was a collimation issue.

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