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a night to remember


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First thing to say: WOW! february 27th 2011, 02:20 GMT is when i saw Saturn for the first time in my life! it was a great achievement for me. But after seeing it, i saw something which left me puzzled. I was looking through my scope and with the border of my eye i saw 3 bright flashes of light just above Arcturus, to the left. A couple of seconds went by in between the flashes, and i am absolutely sure it wasnt a plane, or a usual satellite, as the flashes were in the same place, although my brother, who was there with me, said it changed position... I kind of want to believe it was something else, but i read about NASA launching 'NanoSail' some sort of satellite. Maybe it was this, but some people have only seen it flash once, and the pictures i have seen look like meteorites. I would appreciate your comments. Could be Paul, leaving Earth. lol

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hey there : ) thanks, it was awesome!:p i really dont know if it was a satellite, as if lashed three times, did anyone hear about or see up to 3 flashes? i mean is this possible? i also checked, but didnt see any satellites :), usually i can see them going by (there werent any little lights going by:rolleyes:). appreciate comments as always : )

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