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Hi everyone,

I have started work on another little software project after my 'Astronomy Calculators' was finished last year. I am planning to make a program which would include updated versions the calculators, along with the ability to download the latest images of the Sun in various wavelengths, pictures of the current auroral ovals, and 'real-time' images from other space probes such as weather satellites. Also, I would like to try and make use of the fantastic features that heavens-above makes available, such as current sky charts, current satellite orbital positions, satellite ground tracks, and charts for positions of asteroids and comets (I hope there aren't any copyright issues with using their resources). I am aiming for an 'astronomy desktop' style program, with a nice homepage where you can click buttons to access all of the above features.

I have already updated the interfaces for the calculators, and made programs to download and display pictures of the Sun from the SOHO website since December, but I don't know when I will be finished - there is quite a lot to do! I'll see how it goes.


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