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first early morninig with heritage 130p

mr saddo

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Well, i bought the heritage 130p flexi tube, and been out this morning Saturday 29th 6 am, i had set my sights on venus and saturn, venus was easy, it was blinding, could not focus in on it properly, it was flaring really bad! i was thinking the scope was out of collimate? tried my 17x70 bins there were the same, any way took me a while to find saturn in the south west in virgo, i had the 20mm lens in just a orange blob! so i put the 10mm in and a little focus and....saturn i was well pleased!! quite bright and could see rings, only solid no divisions, and its moons, had to really concentrate my eye and keep still , i must have stood there for half hour or more looking at it, i did not want to move scope to some think else! By now the moon was just coming up above the houses i had a look at that, really impressed with the detail on the 10mm eyepiece, then back to saturn!! again, back to the moon then saturn, but the sun was coming up and the sky brightened washed saturn out. On the whole i was pleased with my first early morning outing in the cold, bit dubious about the scope, but its came up trumps, i had a sky watcher syn scan 130p auto but could not find anything with handset, slow to move round. i sent it back to shop. also had a celestron 60 retractor but that want up to much, jupiter quite good, moon good thats about it. Also i have a pair of sky master 17x70 binoes these are brill really sharp, but a little heavy to hold still. i was quite excited like a little school boy!! cant wait for clear skies again.

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Hi - I've had great view of Jupiter with my skywatcher heritage. Using the 10mm eyepiece I can see all four major moons and you can make out the cloud belts. If you look for long enough and the air goes still you get some really clear images for a couple okf seconds at a time.

I've yet to spot Saturn. Debating whether to get up early like you did or just to wait a couple of months.

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