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Need info on screws from a meade DS2114 (or probably any ds2000 range)

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I have mislaid the screws that held the tube holder band thing onto the single arm of my mead ds2114 mount.

I finally got hold of the dovetail adapter that means I can mount my explorer 150 on to the goto and the screws have walked !!

There are 4 of them and they look to be 3-4mm but I have lots of screws and gentle testing suggests its not a standard thread pitch.

Any ideas anyone ? Or can anyone take one out perhaps and take a photo so I know what I am looking for ?

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I never did find out the bolt size so in the end I drilled out and retapped to accept M3 bolts. My advice if you do this mod.... DONT LOOSE THE SCREWS :icon_eek:

Just in case anyone else is interested in this mod I thought I would post some pics.

I removed scope holder from the ds2114 mount. Bought a universal(ish) dovetail mount from ebay for £35 or so. I will dig out the seller, he is a shop chap selling lots of scope stuff. The holes did have to be drilled out slightly but only slightly.


Mounted the dovetail from my skywatcher 150.


And finally, nobody breathe, fitted the scope and stood back.


Its much more stable than it looks, waiting for my battery tank to charge up so I can test its not stressing the gears too much. I plan to add another rest on the other side of the scope to take some of the weight. Mainly because I am hoping to piggyback my dSLR as well.

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