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Pier or no pier?


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Over the past few months i have been replacing the flat roof part of my domed obs. (I say i've been replacing, my neighbour is a top notch wood butcher and former roofer, so he has done the work for me:D)

As he is inclined to over-engineer things, i now have a roof that will last longer than the rest of the garden buildings (and probably the house as well!), and it took 2 of us to lift it into place, which when you consider it is only 6.5ft square thats a lot of weight.- Its over 8 inches thick, where-as my leaking version was 1" thick.

Anyway, the upshot of this is that the block peir i had my 10" dob sat on is no longer high enough to allow me to use the scope (unless i go for straight up views only).

I could just increase the height with more concrete blocks (I will need to employ the use of a ladder to reach the EP anyway), or (and this is where i am unsure), could i not bother mounting the scope on a pier at all?

I was thinking along the lines of 2 horizontal beams spanninng from the front of the dome to the back, with the scope mounted between the beams. - Still an Alt-Az mount, just 'floating in the air'.

The advantage being, as i rotate the scope, the dome moves with it.

Would this work, or have i missed something obvious? (The construction will support the weight so thats not an issue).

Any comments much appreciated.


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