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  1. Hi StevieDvd, unfortunately i haven't had the time to get out and use it yet... so i can't advise on settings. In regards to Tridents question on power, i got a 12v DC power supply and this works just fine. - I also have a USB frame grabber to connect to the laptop. - My ultimate plan is to get a small monitor hooked up in the obs, but again other things seem to be taking up my time (and cash). Spence
  2. Hi Peter. - I'm hoping to use the camera on the scope this week if the skies stay clear! - If the plan goes ahead i'll let you know how i get on... I don't envy you having to cycle up Gold Hill...Did it once when i first moved here 11 years ago and don't plan on doing it again!
  3. Hi Trident I also have the Samsung camera, after deliberating between it and the Mintron range. In the end i punted for the Samsung as i couldn't find any bad reviews on it and i thought if it isn't ideal, i can at least use it as a security camera. As yet i haven't had time to use it properly on the scope, but initial tests show it to be pretty good. The mod only took 10 minutes to do and then its just a nose-piece to conect to the scope, plus of course a power supply.
  4. Over the past few months i have been replacing the flat roof part of my domed obs. (I say i've been replacing, my neighbour is a top notch wood butcher and former roofer, so he has done the work for me:D) As he is inclined to over-engineer things, i now have a roof that will last longer than the rest of the garden buildings (and probably the house as well!), and it took 2 of us to lift it into place, which when you consider it is only 6.5ft square thats a lot of weight.- Its over 8 inches thick, where-as my leaking version was 1" thick. Anyway, the upshot of this is that the block peir i had my 10" dob sat on is no longer high enough to allow me to use the scope (unless i go for straight up views only). I could just increase the height with more concrete blocks (I will need to employ the use of a ladder to reach the EP anyway), or (and this is where i am unsure), could i not bother mounting the scope on a pier at all? I was thinking along the lines of 2 horizontal beams spanninng from the front of the dome to the back, with the scope mounted between the beams. - Still an Alt-Az mount, just 'floating in the air'. The advantage being, as i rotate the scope, the dome moves with it. Would this work, or have i missed something obvious? (The construction will support the weight so thats not an issue). Any comments much appreciated. Spence
  5. Hi and welcome from over the border in Dorset...
  6. Been having a play with a Meade LPI on my 10" Dob and although its not perfect, i am actually quite pleased with the result. I took 5 AVI files of 30 seconds each, stripped out 13 frames using Photoshop Elements, then used ICE to stitch them together.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks to FLO for an exceptionally speedy service. Ordered a celestron sky scout on Wednesday morning and it was waiting for me when i got home today. Many thanks guys.
  8. Spence

    first viewing

    Hi John, Welcome to SGL. Try using the other eyepieces on the moon and the barlow lens. The more you look, the more you will see !
  9. Hi Lostinspace I guess with a background in fibreglassing (if thats the right word for it), then you may want to consider something with a traditional domed roof. This is something i am working on myself at the moment, although being a novice with fibreglass it could end up being more of a challenge than i anticipate! The basic shell of my obs is a timber stud frame clad with Upvc shiplap, then the plan is to construct the dome from ply and cover it with fibreglass. Most of the 'plans' for the roof i am taking from the Sky at night magazine... the November issue had part 3 of the obs build and this covered the roof section. I aim to commence mine at the beginning of Feb, so i will be posting pics as i go... Good luck with whatever you decide upon.
  10. I have a similar set... 10 leds on a string run by 2x AA batteries. - I used them to iluminate the eyepiece board i put in the obs. - Great to light them up so i can see which one i want (out of the choice of 4!) They also give enough of a glow to look at the printed maps i take out to use. Hope that helps.
  11. Mike-H: Yep its on a dob mount... I have a Wixey angle guage and am in the process of sorting out the setting circle for the base. Think i'm going to spend a bit of time with the bins and a star atlas. thanks to all for you replies... now as soon as the clouds depart i can get back out there!
  12. Many thanks for the replies... I will dig out the bins and use these for the next few sessions. Means i can take my time altering the Obs, and spend more time learning the sky. Mike: - I will try star hoping from Pegasus... for some reason i have always approached from the Cassiopea side as i believed this may have been easier. Andrew: - Now that i read it,it makes sense.. "or is it not in the field of view?"... I am always happy to learn from the experience of others.
  13. I have been getting little time with the scope recently, as i am making some alterations to the observatory. - (This means the scope has been wrapped up in the other shed out of harms way.) But for the last 2 nights i have dragged it out and set up on the decking, just so i can get some observing done. (With so few clear nights recently it would be a shame to miss those we do get!) I have managed to get see Jupiter quite clearly with both the 25mm and 10mm EP's and managed to see 3 of the moons. However, my frustration starts when looking for DSO's. - I figured (from posts on here) that M31 should be fairly easy to spot. I dropped in the 25mm EP, spud the scope round to the general direction, lined up with the RDF. (Checked with the Wixey that the elevation was correct) and... nothing. - Checked Stellarium to make sure i was in the right direction, even had sweep around but still nothing. Am i being dumb, or am i just not destined to see such things??? I believe that my skies are fairly good for seeing... The milky way sweeps over as a nice 'smudge' with the naked eye and i can also see U1 Cas in Cassiopea which i believe is mag 4.8, but for the life of me i can't seem to find and DSO's. (I have tried averted vision and giving the scope a gentle tap). Would my colour blindness be a factor in this? (If it is, then maybe i should consider another hobby!)
  14. Hi John and welcome. If i remember back to my days living around Croydon (a few years ago now), there was an observatory at Kenley, run by The Croydon Astro Society. - It could be worth checking that out as they used to have public evenings. - You should be able to meet other people in a similar position who may already have discovered several local dark sky sights.
  15. Thanks for all the nice welcomes... Tony (Saturn1) - i did the same thing originally... didn't go well, rain seemed to find its way through every barrier i put up to stop it... In the end i binned the idea and went with the version i have now... That reminds me, i must fix that shed roof!
  16. Many thanks to you all for the warm welcome...
  17. Hello to you all, i thought it was about time i registered and introduced myself as i have been browsing this forum for quite some time. I live in Dorset, just outside Shaftesbury, where the skies are pretty dark (when the clouds allow it). I have had a scope for just over 18 months now (first a 75mm reflector and now a skywatcher 254mm reflector on a dobsonian mount) and have only really viewed the moon and planets (although i am hoping to catch sight of some faint fuzzies) I decided a while ago that carrying a large scope out every time i wanted to observe was spoiling my enjoyment. – Nothing worse than getting everything ready only to see clouds come rolling in – so i built what could be loosely termed an observatory. – Pictures below show you that it isn’t up to the standard of others i have seen on here, but it serves me well and means i can observe in relative comfort. Look forward to learning from all of you and hopefully one day i will have learnt enough to help others.
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