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Ace Astronomical - Shop Astro Day [Dec 3rd]


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Well, we should meet up one night then for a sky scan and a chin wag. What's your light pollution like? I guess you get to see Bristol's glory as well as the silly amount that is sent skyward by Yate!

It would be esaier for me 'tween 2 and 4


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Meeting up sometime sounds like a plan to me Ant. 8)

As for LP, I've got the M4 in my front garden [slight exageration, M4/M5 intersection :lol:] And from an embankment nearby I can look out over Filton direction, panning round South wards. So LP is bad, but from my back garden looking up, I can enjoy most of the night sky.

I'll keep between 2 & 4 in mind Ant, but will be dependent on the Wife :D

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Hi Ant,

Did you get down there??

Was expecting more than what was there, expectations :) After dropping of the wife & son, I headed down to the shop, 1pm. They did have a few customers looking at telescopes tho, which is a always a good thing. :( Had to then leave at half past to go pick them up :D

My PC died on Saturday morning!! Hence only reply now mate.

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