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925 Fastar compatibility

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This is my first post so be gentle :) I'm in the process of returning to astronomy after many years and have been deciding over the past few months what new scope to buy. I've almost settled on a cpc925 but it bothers me that if I decide at a later stage to do any AP I won't have the option of using hyperstar. I understand I can always go for a GEM mount but I like the portability and setup of a fork mounts which is important to me at least.

That said the new CGEM 925 is faster compatible (not that I can find any hypterstar devices for a 9.25) but it got me thinking. Does anybody know if celestron have any plans for a new cpc925 that is faster compatible , a cpc925hd so to speak?

Andy, Milton Keynes

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I have a C9.25 and asked the same question - I was advised that no there's no fastar option available or being considered for the C9.25.

Notwithstanding the lack of the fastar option the C9.25 is a very good scope. You can always use the x0.63 reducer.....

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Starizona have no intentions of making Hyoerstar units for the 9.25" OTAs. The mirrors in the 9.25 are a different layout (dont ask, i dont know!) to the 8/11 OTAs, and so the usual Hyperstar system dont work. Not sure they will ever make one to fit.

I think the bigger issue for possible AP work will be the fork mounted AltAz system on the CPC...

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